Here i am in week 3 of flowering

Here in nz been a long dry summer coming into the cool wet frosty season another month of growing flowers.
He is my question.
I have a male sitting in quarantine and i want to get some of my flowers pregnant of each of my plants but not the whole plant with the males pollen not mine.
Got the method sorted thanks to growers on here but not the best time.
Maybe it doesnt matter as long as it has fibres.
And when do you know pollination has worked.

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3rd-4th week of flower is a good time to do it

You’ll see the seeds splitting out of the calyxes


Thanks pharmerbob.
We got a bit of drizzly weather at the moment.
When the sun shines again and drys all the moisture away ill make use of the fresh pollen on my one and only plant i have that i know what it is.
My gorrilla glue.
Ill get a low down flower pregnant so i have some extra seeds i can give to friends.
But ill have the the weed all my friends will envy.
Hee hee haa haaa :grinning:

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I use a plastic bag and carefully put the plastic bag over the branch with the buds I want to pollinate then carefully put in the branch with the male pollen and then shake it all up abit .then carefully remove the bag and the male branch. That’s how I done some of my females last year.

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Thats pretty much what I did last summer…
Worked a treat.
Got some really nice seeds.
Didnt get any pollen on any other flowers.
Was really happy with the results.
3 out of 4 plants from those new seeds were male that I got going this season.
Set aside the males for pollen again.
Be interesting to see what the out come of the crossed strains will be like with the one female that I got from the 4 plants at the end of this grow season.
Being an outdoor grower there is a long wait to see results. I call them gg x rose :rose:
Sadly after sharing some with a mate I’ve miss placed the container I had my seeds in.
Stoned at the time.
Hoping they reappear before next seasons bean dropping.
Got a bit of time for them to show up.
Just hope they not out in the weather getting moisture on them.
Well that will teach me to be more careful I guess…
Thanks for dropping by @Jedstar