After flush schedule

Looking for advice or info on after flush . Just did a big flush due to nutrient lock wanna make sure plants were healthy before flipping over to flower , plants are getting pretty big in 3 gallon pots but ran into a whole variety of issues . Anyways moving forward can anyone lend some advice i, should I begin new feeding schedule or let plants recover a few days first any help would be greatly appreciated ,


After flush, follow with a full strength feed. You can redo your schedule, but after depleting the soil, those girls are gonna be hungry.


Some times I let mine dry out before feeding but most times the last gallon I give them once ppm is down, is a feeding.

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Thats awesome thanks guys going to feed now they have been idle 24 hours , I’m bottom feeding as well shouldn’t create an issue right

What’s your current ppm? What medium?

Current ppm is 250 on all plants. In soil