Trying to flush need help

Plants are in 7gal pots.I just run 10gals thru her.Took tds after 1st 5gal(3200)Second 5gal she dropped to 1550.Do I keep pouring it to her

Need some context here. How old is your plant. Veg or flowering? Target PPM? Runoff pH?

You’ll want your pH squared away too in the end, and it can take gallons to do that.

Yeah, what’s the problem and what are you trying to accomplish?

Keep going til you hit your target, or lower. If you go lower, remember to add a light feed to get it up to where you want.

Flower she going on 13weeks.The lowest tds I could possibly get would be 236 and that’s out of the tap.Run off was 5.7.

I don’t know if I keep pouring water at her to get tds down at 1 time or do it on stages.She turning amber I want to get her ready for harvest

What would acceptable tds level be.I don’t have a clue.

What soil/medium? Nutes used? Midgrow or preharvest flush?

Soil used FF trio.Trying preharvest flush.Just run 5 gals more she’s at 1100

Oh, keep going. Only 15 gallons out of 35 done. :grinning:

Will do thank u

Flushed 1 today.Tap water tds is 265 after 5gals it’s 368.If I need to lower it farther please let me know.My plan is to just ph water for another week.I think I should have started 2 weeks early for just cloudy.Any help greatly appreciated