After bulloxing a couple WW's, I'm trying a Jack Herer(2nd grow)

Hi everybody! I’d been posting in the “Is DWC that easy” thread, and thought this should really be the place for posting this new attempt at growing stuff.

Having been my first time, I’d really screwed the pooch, attempting to grow 4 WWAF plants in a box where even 1 autoflower will probably end up cramped. It didn’t end well.

Here begins a Jack Herer AF, first day of germination attempt, Saturday May 4*. 3 days in and she’s doing alright. Doesn’t seem like I’ve lost any time; it’s coming along nicely. no nutes yet, just brought the PH down to around 6. Yeah I know, I’ve gotta get those front 3 holes covered…

Any advice out there on what to expect from a JH?

*Speaking of that, I think I’ve tried to germinate some 7 cannabis seeds using the glass of water method. I gave them 24 hours each time, many over a warming pad and never once have they shown any signs of germinating at that point. Is that normal? 5 of the 7 DID germinate after putting them in grow media and traying them, but never once have I seen a “tail” after germinating them in a glass of water.

May the 4th be with you! :smile:


Hey, Wicked… you think that size cup will be okay for this plant? The WW’s ended up wrecking theirs, but they held steady and there was more than enough root growth. I just wonder if I shouldn’t at least go to a 5 and get some pebbles in there for support?

I just wet the seeds for 24hrs then place them in a paper towel. It’s rare if they don’t start rooting in the towel. I will then place the seedling into rapid rooter. Need to get that light close as soon as possible or you will have her stretch again and run out of room.


Size is fine. I have a plant growing in a 2 in. cup now and she’s flourishing. I use 3” cups for my standard DWC but I was doing some clones.

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The light is just out of the camera there, about 10 inches above the seedling. Think it should go any lower?

10 inches should be fine. What’s the wattage on the light? Even having it close it still may stretch if it’s not intense enough.

It’s a 300 watt LED this time. I’m going to use my 600 watt on a plant outside the box that’s still germing in the dome. I figure being outside of a box(it’ll still be inside the house though), it’ll need the 600 more.

Is it 300 actual watts (from the wall)?

The 2nd is going into one of these: GH PowerGrower Eco

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Nope… that’d be about a 1500W light!

1500W MPH would actually be more like 750-1000 W QB LED from the wall. You will want 150(QB)-300W(Burple) from the wall for the 2.5x2.5.

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Yep… I’m finding that lining LED up with incandescent equivalents isn’t quite right at all when it comes to growing.

Fortunately, the box is actually about 1.6’ x 2.0’, so there’s that. :stuck_out_tongue: Can’t believe I had 4 plants in this thing at one time… :crazy_face:

If I need more light, it’ll unfortunately have to wait until I close on my new house. They don’t like you spending money at this stage…


Good luck with the new house.

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Thanks! I should have more room… maybe even get a tent! Wheel sea. And thanks a bunch for your advice!

Lmao, not unless you’re giving it to lender. They don’t seem to mind asking for money! In the same boat right now, good luck on you future purchase.

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I’ve been using shot glasses with a mix of between 25-50% 3% hydrogen peroxide with water and putting the glasses on my router with a cover over them and have had tails within 24-36 hours. All the seeds I’ve gotten from ILGM has worked so far. The previous seed bank I purchased from was not as successful.
If after 24-36 hours they don’t crack and tail I’ll then place them in small container with paper towel and use the mix from shot glass to wet it down and then place the container on my router or a place that can provide warmth for germination.

Works for me so far. You may not want to use the 50/50 ratio i do but some HP with water seems to help.

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Thanks! The irony is, they’re insisting that I show $500 more in assets in my accounts, while at the same time they owe me $1700 for the escrow on my sold house… and yes, it’s the very same bank…

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They don’t like you spending money at this stage…

Lmao, not unless you’re giving it to lender. They don’t seem to mind asking for money! In the same boat right now, good luck on you future purchase.

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Ya, they’re a pita to work with.

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I’ve added a second JHAF, OUTSIDE of the box… kinda curious to see how things go in comparison. Both are ilgm from the same package. Inside germed May 4, outside germed May 6.

I’ll post new pics every week so’s people can tell me how I’m screwing up. :slight_smile: