After bulloxing a couple WW's, I'm trying a Jack Herer(2nd grow)

Thanks, Sky! As a certified noob, I’d seen many vids and read tutorials that seem to indicate that 24 hours in a completely normal glass of water for 24 hours is about 90% effective for germinating by itself, and if not, get the seeds out before you “drown” them. I just wonder why, following those guidelines, I’ve had literally 0% success.

Again, they DO germinate far more often than not after I’ve moved them to grow media and a dome, but still…

I know the interwebz are full of fibbers… but…

If I understand what your asking correctly the water soak softens up the seed shell and the hydrogen peroxide if added provides oxygen to the water. My decision to use HP was based on many articles and others posting here. My decision on using such a high amount was again from reading things on it. I haven’t had any issues with my ratio. The seeds placed in shot glass with water and HP mix and put on my warm internet router with a cover over it to keep somewhat dark for 24 hours - 36 hours have gotten most to open. If not I remove them from water soak and put in wet paper towels and container with lid and keep warm until cracked open.
Many roads to same destination.

No I’m not questioning the peroxide thing at all. I’m questioning how so many people get 90% effectiveness with plain old tap water, when I’m sitting at 0%. If a peroxide solution works, that’s awesome, but people are saying the use plain old tap water and their seeds germ in 24 hours. That’s not at all my experience.

Not all of mine germinate in 24 hrs, but I have had 100 success with water and paper towel method. But screwed up a few when placed into soil or rockwool.

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Okay… 12 and 13 days from seed. Size seems okay. The outside bucket plant looks fine, but man, look at that tubinabox plant! Can I seriously screw it up that bad this quickly? Check out the green on the grow media. Is that algae already?

Added some GH N and P nutes and hoping it’ll clear up. Any other suggestions welcome.

Well I hope all goes well. Here are my Jack plants at 9 weeks flower today

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It’s the monthiversary!

The one seeded on May 4th is a tiny little thing. The one seeded on May 5th… doing pretty good, I think! Both seeds bought from this site. Those tables could turn though. Growing is amazing to observe, sometimes.

The 5/4 plant turned yellow quickly barely out of a seedling, and I’m not sure why. I’ve added nutes and some epsom salts to hopefully counter some issues, and at least it’s growing again and green.

Algae is still insane. Glad I’m moving really soon, because this house seems to be cursed for USEFUL green things. I’m flushing the water regularly.

Still, hard to believe those 2 plants came from the same seed pack. Kinda bummed that I’m still pretty clueless and ignorant as to why these two seeds are growing so differently.

Not rockwool on either, but I know what you mean. Both got the same treatment except one went to a bucket, and the other went to a deep well tub in a box. A deep well tub that grew like crazy earlier, but isn’t growing squat, now.