Advise on whether these girls are done

This is my first grow and I’m not sure if they are close to being ready to harvist. Also they have lots of tiny buds below the top half of the plants. Can I harvest only the top and let the bottom continue to grow. I have one indoors and 3 outdoors. White widow autoflower. I didn’t photograph the one that is indoors.

The girls look like they still have time.


still a lot of white pistils probably 2-3 weeks. Yes you can harvest the top buds when there ready and leave the lower ones to finish.


Looks good. You can pull off the dead fan leaves.

Still more time as the others have said.


Thanks! I wasn’t sure about just cropping off the top. I haven’t kept a journal so I don’t know when I started the grow. I’m very pleased with how easily they grew. It could have a lot to do with location. They grew in the northern valley of California. Everything grows well here!


A lot of growers do selective harvesting of the buds. Watch the pistil’s when 90% turn brown and start to recede start checking the trichomes.


Gotcha! Thanks

She does want some phosphorus though. Fan leaf is too young to be dying like that yet. It’s normal for older fan leaves to have died of already. But that’s one of the newest. Top of the plant.


How do I add phosphorus? Probably a stupid question…

The numbers on fertilizer are percentages of N-P-K. The P is phosphorus. I always add an occasional 0-10-10 boost in flower. Since in flower your plant needs a little more p-k than the rest of the grow and less nitrogen (n). Which is why most use nutrient lines geared twords cannabis.

Bonemeal is a good source of organic phosphorous


Also high P bat or seabird guanos are good and quickly available in the soil after adding. You can even put em in a tea.


Yeah those will be available for your plant waaay faster than bonemeal

I top dress bonemeal on my autos during early veg so it is broken down and available when they need it later.

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It looks like you have bugs. I would get some captain jacks dead bug and spray every 3-5 days at sundown. It is safe to use on flowering plants.
The black spots look like bug droppings. If bug poop gets in your buds, you will get bud rot and potentially loose your whole crop.

That’s a good look. I didn’t notice these ominous spots. I’m not sure they are bugs tho.

Look more like something sprinkled over the plant. As you can see I can pull up trics almost at this magnification. If was bugs they wouldn’t all be perfectly circular.

@Brobdab How did you get that closeup? I didn’t notice the holes when I posted the pictures… where can I get the bug killer? Amazon?

I’ve ordered the bug spray. Should be here tomorrow. Another question. While I was out of town, a “friend” let 2 of my plants die! What are friends for, right! Pissed for days. I trimmed off the limbs and top, in hopes it will recover. Any suggestions? The stalk seems to still be alive.

@Budz how’d you get those closeups! You’re showing me things that I can’t even see with the naked eye! I need to do that!!

Oh. If you click the picture you can zoom in so far there. Then the magnifying glass is built into my phone. If I pull my s pen.

The second picture is my s pen tool panel.