Advise for a newb in aus please guys

Guys I have read a lot on this forum in the last three weeks and thought I would finally post. I am an older member and in Australia the old bud situation is disgusting. I would say a strong bud atm would be approx. five too eight per cent thc potency. shakes fist
I really love the ol bud but gave up about ten years ago due too absolute crap weed down here. (the people growing it are just growing chit and selling it too the kiddies and its not up too scratch.) A friend recently grew some decent stuff outdoors at his own house and I sampled some about a year ago. Since then I have enjoyed said friends home grown and have expanded his market too more like minded older people.
The bottom line is that if its goodly we can move that stuff. We don’t wanna take over the world and there is only about six of us who smoke who you know love the good stuff. Seriously the weed in aus atm is really really bad…full of chemicals all it does is make you hungry no buzz at all.
Anyways that the state of it in Aus.
Now onto more important matters. (and I’m sorry guys but youre leaf is so much better than our bud I have too try too grow some stuff.)
some twenty years ago I grew a heap of dope never sold it but smoked it and traded for grog cheer so I have some idea of what is going on.
I am going alone in this and believe me it will be all for personal use ie me and mates and yes I shall get back my costs eventually I am hoping ie I wont be giving it away but only be charging nominally depending on the yield and what I want too upgrade ie lights etc. What I’m saying is that this is not for commercial usage but out of desperation. I would not do this if I could down too the local weed store and buy an ounce of something goodly. Money is not a real issue here guys as said I want good yield but more importantly is great farking quality to grow and share with friends.
I have ordered a 3 x 3 x 6.6 grow tent and the light they say should be ordered with it I believe a 1000 hp beast.
this has cost me about 400 aussie dinaries. For first grow I decided on not going led and keep the costs under about six hundred (bought some seeds four months ago from another website that didn’t deliver and wont respond.).
guys seriously if I can get over eight ounces of decent potency from three plants I will be wrapped I mean non compass farking happy.
So guys here is the big question I have my plan… seeds (everyone in aus wants og kush) so that would be first second third etc. I intend on keeping them all too the same strain and well it seems wonderful. Will have lights etc set up and grow tent and will order seeds shortly.
What I am confused about its the starting of the seed ie germination and for the first grow I should be using soil etc id be happy to set up a reservoir but wanna keep it very simple.
Anyways guys I’m a little aways away from starting probs about three weeks just felt brave enough too post.
Take it easy and if shes easy take her twice
Smeg it


Well Mate you have come to the right place , let me just say Welcome to the best site on the W3 (interweb) . You’ll find many members very knowledgable in about every aspect of growing from indoors to out with HPS /MH , CFL’s , T-5’s fluorescent tubes , and Led newest technology . But if you interested in O.G.Kush which happens to be one of my favorites , ILGM seeds are very strong genectics and they have a germination guarantee 99% success rate . It’s several ways you can approach this germinating your seeds are just place them directly in your soil about a knuckle finger deep and damp your soil lightly with a spray bottle until the little beauty arise from beneath into the rays of sunshine to reward you a kushie euphoric satisfaction . We are glad to have you and you’ll definitely be reaping the rewards in 3-4 months with the knowledge of these guys that are here and willing to help . Now you @ any members name that you find that gives you the best information you’ll looking for as to growing your harvest and they will receive notification and respond promptly , but I’ll get you started with a few moderators the are grow support here to get you started okay and again welcome to the ILGM family . @MacGyverStoner , @Majiktoker , @garrigan62 , @latewood , @Hogmaster , @FloridaSon , these guys will be more than happy to get your started into your new beginnings Sir .


Glad to see another Aussie here, unfortunate about the bud situation for you mate, although I do agree in a way that our bud is nowhere near up to scratch compared to the rest of the world, I have never had trouble getting some sticky bud full of crystals, but different things are available in different areas. If you’re after some of the best seeds on the net that will 100%reship if you dont receive your seeds or they dont germinate (they always germinate) then ILGM is the right place to start. A lot of the guys on here know just about everything and anything there is to know about indoors growing so never hesitate to ask them :+1:

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I’m not a moderator or a mentor, but I’m more than willing to help in any way I can.

I would also like to welcome you here to this great source of inspiration and information.

Download the Marijuana Grow Bible Robert’s free grow bible is a vault of good info for even a seasoned grower. A great reference tool that I recommend.

Buy Feminized & Autoflower Marijuana Seeds Online >> ILGM Since you’ll be needing good quality seeds, as well as other items you may like to look at.

200+ Marijuana Grow Guides - Indoor & Outdoor Strains | ILGM Much of this information is in the grow bible, but there are more in depth thoughts and other things not in the grow bible.

Feel free to tag me anytime you need a quicker response. I always check my notifications first since I’m off and on throughout most days. I just never know when or for how long. :wink:

No worries, Brother. In no time you’ll have the best smoke in your neck of the woods! Or should I say bush? :imp:

Enjoy your new home…


@Drsmeg, ive never had a problem with good bud here In Australia , ATM have some og almost ready for harvesting along with 10 other strains , ,you can’t go wrong being on this site , anything from seeds to help with growing ,many people willing to help. Will be looking forward to lots of pics once you are up and running. What part of oz are you in?


Why thank you sir :relaxed:

I shall order some seeds at some point today so I can get this show on the road :relaxed:

You’re gonna need to take that link down. It’s against their rules to post links that ILGM isn’t partnered with.


How i didnt realize emails would come up on here

Check your personalized settings. You may have the signature option on. If that’s not it, I don’t know and we’ll find someone else that can help.

Oops Definately dont want that up there

Thank you mate

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Ok guys very excited ordered my og kush seeds today.
How long do you guys think it will take too get too aus.
Now Coltfire I am in the southern most capitol on the mainland…and I mean its craptapula about what is being passed around as weed…ive got higher of the smell of fresh lawn clippings seriously :frowning:
I have a couple of off topic comments too make. I awoke this morning all bushy tailed and bright eyed and headed to my place of employment. I see on my email (yes I am lazy and used my work email.) all the posts from last night. So I answered the one from Yoshi and bang then got an email from a member saying take that down bro.
GASP MY WORK BANNER WAS THERE…feint and chit myself but I think that floridason was the only one who saw it.
I eventually got it off the post… I have turned off email alerts and emails related too posts so this wont happen again (I can only post via the website not my emails.
I do apologise too all insundry and this wont happen again. (believe me in my best interest for it not too happen.)

Ok back to buiso. Thanks too the very friendly community so far it has been fantastic and hopefully one dayIll be able too give something back too others in my situation.
I stated last night i ordered a 6.6 foot x 3 x 3 grow tent. I in conjunction with a very close friend have decided too make a solid state grow room in the garage.
My garage is awesome its full of crap///// its a double garage double brick//////// THE HUGS AND KISSES NEVER GOES OUT THERE WINKS and its really just full of old chit :slight_smile:
So i was thinking that i will use the tent as vegie growing thing and then shunt them out too the garage for budd times yeah baby.
I can set the bud cycle too say 6.00 am too 6.00 pm perfect daytime hours.
Of course when setting up you wanna be fairly organised i don’t want the seeds to arrive and then go wtf do i do and just have an epic fail so here comes the barrage of questions.
The room shall be completely lined in reflective material with a door and inside the door another door too make sure its so completely light proof.
We have drawn the plans and are still doing little mods. I shall share photos with you all on Friday or sunday when we install it. (well i get most the materials too build it for free so why not right??)
First question is what farking size should i go. The tent i got off amazon is 6.6 x 3 x 3 and they say a 1k light which i ordered as well. If i build my solid tent i want it too be bigger. I’m thinking of 8 x 4 x 4 painting it blue and putting a flashing light on top cheer :slight_smile: . ’
What i would like too know is how will this affect the light situation ?
Do i need to buy another light ?
The whole thing will be tanked inside (waterproofed) and i am using reflective fire retardant insulation batts about ten mm thick on the inside with a chit load of other silver paper (more reflective house wrap that is fire proof.) There will be a false top that will slide into grooves and i can move it up and down so i don’t have too worry about hanging the light at different lengths etc.

Next query is i will need too put the two fan holes in before i build it…what are the industry standard and where do i get those bad boys from.

Have about two weeks too get the tardis ready for the arrival of the babies,…

Thanks in advance guys

Cheerio remember too take it easy and if shes easy take her twice cheer and vice versa for our lovely sisters :slight_smile:

Awesome to have another Aussie, im new to growing as well, I agree with you on the Bud situation here, ive said before i cant wait to give my friend a bud and actually tell her what strain it is. Im growing some white widow autos, and im gonna stick with that till i get the feel of growing and the plants. I hope your grow goes really well, the people on here are amazingly helpful


Ive read that flat white is the most reflective, and for the germination thing the best results ive gotten so far is soak for 24 hrs then get a white (not printed) paper towel and wet it with a spray bottle and the ones that havent got a “tail” (if they have a tail plant them) put on the moist paper towel and place another sheet on top and moistion that with the spray bottle and put in a dark warmish (not too warm not to cold, just like goldilocks porridge) place and check them 24 hours later and any with tails plant them. I just used osmocote seedling raising mix (but one of the other aussie people maybe able to tell you something better) in a seedling pot 1/4 inch deep and moisten with the spray bottle. Then wait! once they are up let the soil dry or look dryish before moistening again with spray bottle. Thats whats worked best for me. But just wait to see what the others say because im just new to growing as well. The ones that dont have a tail on the paper towel after 24 hours i remoistened if needed and checked again after 12 - 24 hours and all had tails

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Welcome to the sand box @Drsmeg is go with soil to keep it simple and maybe a scrog net in tent to help with your target harvest wieght
Germination tray with heat mate is a good idea also if you can get one with dome
You’ll get all the help you need for the great folks here so keep us posted

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For a 3x3 tent, a 600w MH/HP’s would be more than enough. 1000w is a little overkill and you will be fighting heat issues inside the tent.

I would second starting with soil for a few grows before looking at other grow mediums. Personally I prefer CoCo to grow in with fabric pots.

For that size of tent using 6" fans and ducting wl work for you. You could probably drop down to 4", but with 6 you can move more air and it will be usable in a larger size tent if you decide to upgrade in the future.

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Haha @ goldilocks. :sunglasses:

I know what ya’s are sayin the weed in QLD outback is ordinary at best and don’t ya pay for it I’m just waiting for my seeds from Robert and CO and am going to try my first indoor grow using the info I’m reading on ilgm this place is the best site on the web hands down and the people here are really nice and know their stuff cant recommend it highly enough for us newbies…cheers guys


:+1: @JRM

Wow limited posts on the web site per day cause of newbness :slight_smile: fair enough.
Ok after much working stuffing around etc I have constructed my own grow tent in the garage (out of plywood a bit of timber and used siver reflective house wrap inside.) I still have some stealth issues too attend too ie painting it blue and putting a light on top to make it look like an old tardis prop hehehehe. Photos will be up soon. Other new grow tent due next week from net…

Do you think that the silver paper will be adequate for first grow or should I go with as deb said white (don’t know where I’m gonna get white.) Have cut two six inch wholes in the side for fans. One too get air in the other too get carbon dioxide out. Went down too local hydro shop too check out some fans and fark me cough. 400 bucks for a fan. Am I growing bon jovi or something feint. Checked on ebay and can get fans too do the job for approx. 40 bucks each wipes brow.

The more research I do the more confused I become :(.
Do you soak the seeds for 24 hours and then put on damp towel for 24 hours. Wtf is a germination tray scratches noggin. And wtf is a scrog net.
What size pot do I put them in once they have a tail and what sort of soil…How big should they get before repotting and into what size pots. What soil for the new pots. Do you blast the babies with six hundred watt light from two feet away or do you just put a bench flouro on them at the start nice and close >>>>>>>>>>>>>…

I think ill be able too work out when too transplant and into what from other grows but the soil…What do I go for ??

Thanks in advance per usual

Take it easy and if shes easy take her twice

I soak my seeds in water for 24 hours then put them into their respective mediums. Some people like to use the paper towel method after soaking them. It’s up to you, just do some light reading around. Check out the grow bible if you haven’t already. There is a bunch of info throughout the grow journals here. Reading more and commenting on threads will help increase your trust level as well, which means no more limited post per day.

S.C.R.O.G or Screen of green, is a method that helps increase your yeild with minimal plants. It works by either securing the plant as it grows up and through the net. Either by just simply tucking the branch back under or by securing it with plant clips or zipties( a when they get about 4" above the net).

The pot size depends on if you are doin an autoflowering plant or a feminized plant. Feminized plants, you could start them off in, for example, a rapid rooter, or a peat pellet, then when roots are showing then place it in the soil. Autoflowers however should be put in their final growing container first, it’s not recommended to transplant them. You can also start the seed in soil as well. I was just explain it the way I do as a reference.

As for soil, a lot of growers here use the Fox Farms Ocean forest, but it can be a little too “hot” for seedlings. I would suggest any seed starting mix should do you just fine. I believe fox farm makes a seed starting mix as well.

I definitely wouldn’t suggest hitting them with 600w right put of the gate. A few growers use fluorescent lights for their seedlings, others use their hid lights. If you have a dimmable ballast that would work. Mine is a 600w digital dimmable ballast, I can go at 50%, 75%, and 100% power. I started mine on 50% and slowly turned it up over a few weeks. I am also using a MH bulb for the veggitaing stage then after I flip to 12/12 light schedule and the “flower stretch” ends I’ll swap out the MH for my HPS bulb.

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