1st time outdoor grower in Australia - need help

Hi Folks,
Love the site and forum, heaps to learn. Smoking is the easy bit!
I’m in Sydney Australia, been a weed lover for 20+ Years. It’s illegal and I don’t give a shit.
The quality of weed in OZ is terrible and dealing with dealers here is a nightmare. So I’m growing my own!

So I bought some seeds recently and had them shipped, arrived and no cops, so that’s a good start. I didn’t get the seeds from this site, sorry. I will do next round.
I currently have 2 x northern lights supposedly feminized and 1x Haze G13 growing outdoors. It seems I just discovered one of my NL plants has decided to drop its balls, and from what I’ve learnt so far is to move the male away from the females.
Q. Is it possible to have a hermaphrodite plant, and how do you tell?
Q. Do the plants below look healthy, are they growing right?
They are sitting in 5 litre pots with coco noire and the PH level has been consistent at 5.8 I’m using a nut called Cana that comes in two bottles for veg and flower stages.
Below is the NL that dropped its balls…please tell me it’s a hermaphrodit!

I’d love some feedback on the next two…

Am I on the right track with the above two pics?
It’s challenging to grow when you don’t have any local reference points. YouTube and pics can only take your knowledge so far, having another look over your work does help, I Appreciate any and all tips…cheers


Welcome to the forum! You are correct about the first pic. I see balls at the top. Remove that one. Other two look good! I’ve been to Sydney, it’s beautiful :v::bear:


Thanks Marty, appreciate it. Yep Sydney is beautiful but the people suck! :yum:


Plenty weed in Nimbin @MattyBear :drooling_face: look on track to me.

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Thought the lane way was shut down?..

Could do with a repot…

Really? I’m trying to keep them low…ie so my nose neighbours don’t get a look. Bugger…

They will still do alrite in those pots I was just thinking if you wanted a bigger plant then a bigger pot would help… security is the #1 priority

Sweet. My thinking was simple. First attempt, learn, keep it small & under the radar

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Hey there mate,

I found this guide to be of great help. I added the link for you :wink:
Free Marijuana Grow Bible