Advise for a newb in aus please guys

Thanks mate.

Is fox farms avail in aus does anyone know. Ive heard a lot of people comment on there products in a very postitive way. Or do we have too get off Amazon etc.

In years gone buy ie when I was a little smeg head twenty years ago we just put the bastards in the vegie patch in spring amongst the tomatoes and rip em up when the tomatoes died. Once they got established they were nearly impossible too kill and were very hardy :). Melbourne summers were and are ideal for outdoor grows. Dry hot conditions little humidity etc like the north of the country.

Love the kiss theory. I RESEMBLE THE SS IN THE KISS hahahaha.
What you said about the lighting makes sense and am starting too patch together a rough idea of what I am going too do.
The seeds I have purchased are feminized not auto flowering.
Still confused about the screen of green method will do more research.

thanks for the advise
take it easy and if shes easy well ??

Not a problem brother, I’m here to help. The Fox Farms can be found on amazon, that’s where I get all my growing needs from. Just search for fox farms and should be able to find something to get you goin. Google nugbucket plant training. He has some pretty great tutorials on different plant training methods. There is a lot of information out there about growing and all kinds of other stuff. My advice I guess would be to read a little at a time and try not to dive too far down into it all at once and slowly read through it. If you have any more questions or need anything just @Hawkeye_diesel and I’ll help as much as I can.
Keep your head low and smoke rollin

Thanks for youre help mate, youre right there is so much too take in but I suppose just take it slowly and learn as you go. It really is an accessory sport isn’t it. You could spend a small fortune on a grow room/tent. I was looking at lights and some of the top end led lights they want three k feint. For what I want too grow …a couple of plants each three too four months for personal use and too have some fun (who doesn’t like growing stuff its just more fun if its pot.). Now too google nugbucket.

Take it easy and if shes easy :slight_smile: (perhaps she would need some nutrients cheer)

Again not a problem brother. Just read easy through it all and soak it up. Lessons learned is the best way to learn. Other grow journals are vital to learning about issues thay you any not have now, but could run into in future grows. Yes you could easily sink a small fortune into a grow room, but with the money you spend put of the gate, you could make back ten fold, but not have it goin to pay outrageous prices for it from someone else and you don’t know where it’s coming from, you know?

This nugbuckets seems like a demigod bows before nugbuckets.

All hail the great man hail hail bows again

He has some good tutorials, I’m actually doin the mainline on 2 of my plants at the moment haha

that’s is seriously insane id be too scared on first couple of grows too even try any of that feint.

Although a group of friends back in the day bought a gro tron (from the back of a people magazine in the early nineties.) It was just a four foot high pod with lights and mirrors in it. We grew four plants in it and being seedy dodgy students we snipped it that often that the poor plants inside became bonsai plants giggles fun times. The excuse would be oh the plants are looking a tad overgrown time for a snip. Can you imagine four guys flatting together doing this once a day each hahahaha but we did end up getting some tiny tiny buds rotflmao .

But I digress back too Dr buckets cheer.

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It does set your timeline back a little each time, but the rewards at the end are worth it. Some may not feel that way. I am mainlining my two dwc buckets plants and I have 2 feminized plants that I just topped and keep fimming them and the side shoots. I also have 1 auto flower in the tent and 2 more autos growin in my stealth box, those are for some quicker smoke while the 4 mature and flower to provide me bigger yeild

the more I read of dr bucket the more I realise they should have called him grasshopper cheer.

When trimming do you smokem up all the off cuts etc and wtf is a stealth box gets out torch
How much do you expect too get off the four plants poke

And I think of the first grow I’m just gonna try and get the seeds to germinate the ph right in the soil etc and actually get some decent bud so stop taunting me with dr bucket slap

take it easy and if shes easy take her twice

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For germination, ive just put them to soak for 24 hours and then planted in osmocote seedling raising mix from bunnings and have also let soak for 24 hours then placed on moist white paper towel and covered with another moist paper towel placed in a dark spot and checked every 12 hours or so till they had a little root showing then planted.

Pot size im not sure what size pot i use but they are just the black plastic ones, i think probs about 15 litres or so but i am growing autoflowers at the moment. If you arent growing autos maybe the next pot size up would be better
there are also the fabric pots that are meant to be really good, but because i grow outside and they can deteriorate i chose not to use them. I will tho when/if i get a tent for indoor growing

Soil- this grow i used a organic compost/soil mix from bunnings and added perlite, but with the next grow comming up it was suggested to me to try some Canna-terra soil from a hydro shop, so i am trying that this time. Im not sure if fox farms is sold here or not, i guess it would be somewhere.

Im not sure about the other questions but there are pleanty of indoor growers here will help you out like @Hawkeye_diesel

I have just read that flat white is a refecltive surface and if you are going to paint the inside thats the best colour, if its the outside i dont guess it would matter, but if its already reflective i would guess thats fine too, seeing as grow tents are reflective inside.

And if this is your first grow you are gonna learn from everything you do good or bad, thats what ive found

Hope your grow goes amazing


Check out my journals if you want. I’m not sure what to expect in yeild. The four fem plants should yeild morw.than the autos, but a lot of varibles go into that. I’ll be happy with what I get. At least ill.know where it came from.and what all the plant was exposed to.

My stealth box is just a 3ft grow box that is stealthy. I use it as a bubble cloner/seedling box, but now it has 2 auto flowering planys in it an I plant to grow them the whole time in there. I don’t personally smoke the leaves I trim off. I would have to do some reading on that, it doesn’t seem like it would have an benefits at this time due to no thc or cbd being produced by the plant

Yes white is a good color, very reflective. There is something out there called panda film. White on one side(inside) and black on the other to help with light leaks

Has to be Flat white tho i read, not gloss or semi gloss is that right @Hawkeye_diesel or doesnt that matter to much?

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Thanks deb1, we are sort of out of the way from a lot of brands down here that they have overseas (we are such a teenie weenie market.) I think ill use the potting mix too start and then switch too the canna terra with pyrite ??

I did check out youre grow and youre plant seems too be doing amazingly well btw grats cheer

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The canna-terra already has perlite in it

No gloss, flat white :+1:

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where do I get panda film I have lined my grow box in silver relflect do you think this will be ok brohiam feint

Yeah as long as it is some kind of reflective surface you’ll be finer then a frog hair split 4 ways. :+1:

well there you go makes it pretty simple :slight_smile:

I go from the seedling raising mix to well the canna-terra this time, but last time i went from the seed raing mix from bunnings to the organic compost/soil mix also from bunnings and added perlite to that. The canna terra is specificly for mj