Advice on indoor soil mix for autoflowers

Hi friends. I’m new here. So i’m all set up & ready to start my first run. Running GSC Extreme autos in 7gl fabric pots. The only thing holding me up is that i’m unsure if my soil “mix” is ok or if it will damage my plants (too hot). I will be using happy frog soil (0.3-0.3-0.5) mixed with a little worm castings along with Dr Earths organic dry nutrients called “all purpose” 4-4-4 and “flower girl” 3-9-4. I am under the impression that before planting i should mix in both the dry nutrients at half the recommended amount (in my case, 1/4 cup per 5 gallons of soil). I saw Mr. Cannucks on yt do this but with Gaia Greens soil & organic dry nutrients. It works for him.
I’d appreciate any advice/opinions/recommendations. Also, what can i expect as far as re-amending? Every 4 weeks? How many weeks do these plants even live before peak potency? Since i’m new, I’m nervous my soil mix might damage my plants and i need a harvest BADLY!
Any IPM suggestions? Thanks in advance.

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That’s my go to guy. I do exactly like his except I use Happy Frog dry amendments. I can’t afford the shipping on GG.

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Hello @MRG1 welcome to the neighborhood, personally I would mix in your amendments half n half, what I mean is I would layer it by mixing the flower food in half of the soil and put it in the bottom and mix the other half with the other veg food. This gives your plants first part of it’s life veg food and it will get to the flower food as it starts to flower and then an additional top dressing of flower food around half way (30-40 days into the grow) I haven’t grown that exact gscx but what I’ve seen it finishes up from seed to harvest in around 10 weeks but there are so many veritables to say 4sure
Good luck :+1:

Welcome to the forum.

Happy Frog already has all of the nutrients the plant needs for 4 weeks from your last transplant. The best way to manage nutes is to get yourself a PPM meter and manage to proper PPM levels. Blindly adding amendments can lead to nute burn.

There are no magic potions in cannabis growing. There are products out there that can be helpful, but you’ll get the best results using a balanced product (the Fox Farm Trio and Jack’s are good examples) that is intended for cannabis. Supplements should only be used after ensuring that your plant has balanced nutrition.

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Not with organic amendments it will take three weeks for the added amendments to even start working… I amend every single time before I start and then allow it to cook for 2-4 weeks before planting in it. Only amend your new soil with half the manufacturer recommended feeding and full recommended in your used soil.
Even when I fed salt I would feed ff happy frog as soon as the plant recovered from transplant which is the following week. This is the feeding schedule from ff and I was told by them not to wait until the soil is depleted to start feeding

Thanks MeEasy. I also am under the impression that organic dry amendments/nutrients take a few weeks to be able to be taken up by the roots. I’m going to do like you said and “layer” the veg/bloom “nutrients” but i’m going to put just a little bit of the bloom nutrients on the upper layer.
Should i “cook” my soil even though i’m running Autos? Can you tell me how you “cook” the soil, because I’m planning on cooking “living” soil on my second run but i’ll be using photos on that run. Thanx!

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Thanks MidwestGuy. As far as watering Autos that will be germinated in peat pellets then put into 7 gallon fabric pots when roots start to appear on the bottom of the pellets, do i water very little directly around the seedling or give a slight drench to the whole 7gallon pot? Thanx again.

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Oldmarine, i feel you, those canadian products are hard to get in the states and pricey on shipping. Can you tell me what to expect as far as watering in 7gallon fabric pots? In seedling stage do i only water slightly around the seedling or drench the whole pot? I imagine it’s best to just slightly water around the seedlings until they get bigger/thirstier.

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@MeEasy, what do you reckon my watering will be like for seedlings in 7gallon fabric pots? What i mean is, do i water around the seedlings only or full on drench the pot? I’m starting in peat pellets then putting them into 7gal fabric pots when roots start to show. I’m worried i’ll over water.

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You’re welcome @MRG1 , cooking the soil is just making your mix and watering it then allow it to sit for two to four weeks before planting. This allows the micro life to create their colonies which is how it feeds your plants. With autos I wait that two weeks before I pop the seeds because I plant my rapid rooter directly into the forever pot, where with photoperiod plants I can start the seeds right away because I put them in solo cups and by the time they’re ready for their pots the soil is ready.
For watering it’s important to not allow the soil to completely dry because the micro life (bacteria, fungi, etc) have to stay moist to stay healthy, and there’s a whole circle of life living in the soil which has to stay balanced to provide your plants with the right nutrients when the plants want it.
Watering is the hardest thing you’ll have to learn and I still don’t get it perfect lol you want the soil wet but not soup and most importantly never dry. There’s tons of information about living soil out on the web we’re not allowed to share links here but besides the search bar up :point_up: there a very good site for information is buildasoil. Just be careful not to cross regular salt feeding methods with living soil ones because it is very tempting when you read something that is great for one but will actually harm the other, the biggest again is watering you don’t want to get runoff in living soil you wash away your friends that live in there… but with salt n chemical feeding you want runoff to wash away the stuff in the soil…
I hope this helps you out and gets you started, feel free to reach out with an @MeEasy if you have questions and I will try and answer them or try to help find someone else who can because my experience in living soil is still pretty limited (only a little more than a year) especially when you’re talking about which amendments help with which nutrients because I buy my stuff in a premixed product mainly so I don’t have 10 different bags of stuff around it’s all in a couple bags nice n neat lol