Autoflower soil recommendations

Grow Store recommended this super Mix from Michigan which they say is best for autoflower plants.

Basically set it and forget it:: all required nutrients for entire grow cycle???
any thought on this??

I just received seeds and want to make sure I dont F— it up from the start

Idk about that have seen similar soil saying the same thing? I’m a newbie so have no input but curious how they can put everything in the soil plant need for 3-4-5 months. Have 2 autos now 12 weeks Monday they are done. Another started at same time definitely needs more time so… Be very interested to see what other day

The old sayin " if it looks like a duck sounds like a duck-----well then its probably a duck. Does seem to good to be true. I think I will buy and try wth . just received auto super mix pack looking

That soil may work but you would still fert or amendments to get the best results that you want. Was told similar story about soil. Even FF soil needs ferts and amendments after a number of weeks. happy growing :bat: :rofl:

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Thank you very much for the information. What type of nutrients may i ask

What do you want. Chemical or organic? Wet or dry?

I recommend organic dry amendments. I use Happy Frog at half strength. I amend the soil before the plants go into it and top dress once a month. All I do is water with a pH of 7ish.


Thanks again. Much appreciated. Gameplan drawn up. Off we go :ok_hand:

Check out “Nature’s Living Soil” for autoflower. We used it on our first first grow of 3 Gorilla Glue plants and added nothing. Near harvest 1 plant developed a cal/mag deficiency. Got 99 grams total when dried and cured from all 3 plants.
Started 2 Jack Herer today and will use NLS again but will add some bloom booster nutes starting about 3rd week of flower.