Advanced nutrients PH balance

Hey guys, I’ve been searching the internet for days trying to figure out if I can switch up my nutes in water or do I have to put even amount of all 3 ??? I think my girl is getting too much Nitrogen so I would like to back off but how ? I use Advance Nutrients PH balance Micro Grow Bloom and I put 1ml each per 500ml of water. Which is which ? And can I use more of one and less of another or do they have to be even ?? Thanks in advance❗️

Btw she doesn’t act like anything is wrong at all but the darker leaves kinda suggest to me it’s a tad bit high in nitrogen.

Anyone ??

Sorry I have never used that line of nutrients but I am sure someone will jump in to help.

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I hope so.

You can use any combo of macros and use half doses if you want to not give too much of x nutrient. I use alaska bloom which is 0.10.10 during flower. And twice a month i add calmag 1.0.0

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@Backwoods I use it, and so far have kept the 1:1:1 ratio they suggest, altho I mix 30ml for about 12 litres. And then I add in 15ml of Bud Candy, Big Bud, and some B52. Mine are flowering, and I figure the other additives boost the PK but not N. Not sure on that, so don’t quote me!
Ya, they do stay much greener than other plants I’ve seen on here, so I think it is still a bit Nitrogen rich. You can always call their support line or drop them an email, they will respond!
Phone: (1) 800-640-9605


AN has a couple different ways to obtain their feeding charts. This source is sent to your email in a PDF
Free Custom Advanced Nutrients Feeding Charts for You
advancednutrients. DOT com/feeding-recipe/)

Two other schedules available on in website are:
https://www.advancednutrients DOT com/feeding/

https://www.advancednutrients DOT com/nutrient-calculator/

The nutrient - calculator is nice because as your experience grows more products are added - it can get a little crazy and $$$$

If you are currently feeding 1ml per 500ml you are already at 50% of the recommended rate.
The last schedule you can see was set to nutrient amount per liter.
The base nutrients are all 4ml / liter which would be 2ml / 500ml

I used to use Iguana Juice line before I switched to Jack’s.


Nice!! Thank you all

These are the nutrients I’ve used for several grows now. I absolutely love this stuff. I don’t like adding a bunch of extra stuff because I’m not a chemist and don’t know what the fuck I’m doing. I add it in two ml per liter like the bottle says in the one to one to one ratio. I also use the AN Bush Doctor Cal-Mag supplement once a month or so during veg and then switch to AN Bembe bud sweetener right after pre-flower.

Essentially, for me, I use the AN micro bloom grow trio and then adjust whatever other supplements I give based on what I feel like that specific strain needs or wants. Hope this helps!

Just chopped yesterday my WW auto after flushing. I tested one plant this time using the bud sweetener and one without it. MUCH bigger buds with it so I’m a fan girl of AN products. Just my $0.02.

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Beautiful buds!!! I think I might add b-52 during veg and bud factor x during bloom on my next grow. Not sure yet though.

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I may just follow in your footsteps. Those look great. :+1:t2:

I feed AN (Grow Micro Bloom and all the supplements) per the feeding chart. I use 100% of the recommended amounts. I also add 2 ml per liter of Cal/Mag).I use RO water. Never check the pH because AN takes care of it. I’ve had 3 successful grows this way.
I used to use 50% Ave get to adjust the pH. All this she’s is F up your plants. You have to use 100% for the Perphect pH system too function as designed.

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omg hell yes brother this is amazing. i didnt know they had this