Add another led light?

Hello. I had purchased a grow tent kit (mars hydro) 2x2. Well a week later thought I go bigger so purchased a 3x3 g.t M.H. and t51000. Used the ventilation kit from 2x2 to the 3x3.
I have 4 unknown strains in the 3x3 3 gal pots. 3 weeks into veg. My question is should I add the 600w L.E.D (mars hydro) from the 2x2 and use it with the t51000 in the 3x3? Or is that too much?

T51000 is that a cfl fixture?

Sorry I meant ts1000.

MARS HYDRO TS 1000W Led Grow Light 3x3ft Daisy Chain Dimmable Full Spectrum LED Growing Lights for Indoor Plants Greenhouse Veg Bloom Light with 342 LEDs Hydroponic Growing Lamps Actual Power 150Watt.

Maybe it’s too much of lights if I added the 600w with ts1000 in the 3x3 grow tent?

You will need 2 ts 1000s so yes your other led 600 which is probably 100 actual watts its will help but it’s not good light the t51000 is good light just small you’d want ts 2000 would be much better


I appreciate you replying back and for the info.

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No problem it’s what I’m here for I learned alot over 3 years least i can do is pay it forward

For now your ok under 1 ts1000 but by the time you flower get that other one in there


Got it. Ty bud.

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I have both the ts1000 and ts600. If yours are the same the 600 is not adjustable and the 1000 is. You could use them both until you get another 1000 but I would turn the 1000 down to match the 600 or you canopy will grow uneven. If you use it that way though the grow you will be hurting your yield because you won’t be using the full potential of the ts1000. That being said I’m not sure how much difference you would actually see if you just left the 1000 all the way up. The 600 is actually 100w and the 1000 is actually in 150w if I remember correctly.

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I received my 1000 last nite. Yahoo!!

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Perfect!!! They look good, how far away and what power do you have them at?

Thank you. They will be 5 weeks on Monday and I have it at 100%


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@Edible_hulk what are those ring things in those pots? Drip feed?

Look like support rings. Like tomato cages.

@Edible_hulk bro I highly suggest, covering those orange/red lights on that fan, before you have to opportunity to give yourself some light leak issues, and mess around with some herms​:grimacing::grimacing:

I’d turn the 2 lights 90 degrees the same direction and spread them a lil bit you got too much in a line you want more square