Across the Ditch - Ireland & Wales

Hello there, fellow Irish and Welsh heritage.

I’ve created this topic because I feel the need to share my experiences and tribulations with this year’s and other year’s grow, without clogging up the main topic threads with non-relevant comments.

My Road to Being a Covert Cannabis Grower

I emigrated from England in 2009 to live in a rented tumbledown cottage and 1+1/2 acres of scrubland, field rushes and bog in the north of Ireland.

Things were tough but I managed to survive until I took a stroke (Irish for stroke: a wee touch) in 2012. All of the progress I made on the land soon reverted back to rushes, rushes and more fecking rushes.

For a year I wallowed in my misfortune and embraced the black depression.

Then by chance, I found a way forward and inspiration through woodworking with a scroll saw:

Scrollsaw Workshop

Just as I was getting really good and ready to make some real money; a second stoke/touch occurred.

This one was rated as mild.

To fecking who?

Not me.

It was devastating.

Feck the advice, which while informative, had been totally useless.

It’s was time to be a Sapper.

Heal thyself.

My first experience of cannabis was in 1976 when I was 21 years old and on a wild birthday party in Belize City. It was indescribable. However, due to heavy army penalties, I didn’t try it again.

Fast forward to 2017.

During a Happy Hour smoke break, I was offered part smoke in a joint.

I got a buzz.

The smoke was rank and I didn’t feel happy.

And this was the “BIG BANG”.



I like not being alone this side of the pond and the ditch.

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When and how I bet on US Football.

Nostalgia, it’s gotta be the New York Jets.

This year I’m going 1/4 full Purple sugar leaf stash on the Cowboys.

It’s because I’ve met some really smart Texans.

In a Bar in Ireland.

(after hours)

This is the end of the beginning of something.


uDog fart and pickep by bullshitd.

I follow most of the US cable news (I find Don Lemon to be credible) and other mainstream networks.

Something is not right and smells wrong.

It’s all mixed up.

How can the effect of the in-fighting effect ME?

Blood Red Line.

In Ireland:

Brexit “negotiates” are coming to a head of an up by bullshitDog fart and picked…

Mostly influenced by percived advantageous US trade agreements.


Dog fart and pricked by bullshit.

She’s a thief but I love her adacity.

Food for Thought?

I follow this blokes advice.

Total sellout.

A Question of Law

You live in a place that allows/tolerates the growing of 3 cannabis plants for personal consumption.

If you are caught with the original 3 plants and 9 clones of the plants should your plant count be 12 or 3?

Guilty: You have 12 rooted plants and should be sent down.

Not Guilty: I have 3 plants and 9 (exact copy) extensions of the original plants. They are merely branches growing separate to the original plant.

Please discuss.

@blackthumbbetty, @James68, @DoobieNoobie, @basementstealth, @boardsbird, @HornHead


I’d say if they have roots then you’re in trouble as they’re a different plant in the eyes of the law.

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If I was in a place that allowed 3 plants I would have 3. But in different stages about a month or so apart from each other to stagger harvests.

I did not read your post correctly. Apologies.

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I say if the clones have roots then they’re plants on their own - busted.


Don’t get caught.

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Cannabis can root if a branch with nodes is buried.

My legal argument is valid(ish)


It’s not the law of the land that I’m so concerned about but I thought the topic might inspire some feedback and original thinking.

If I’m nabbed… I’m fighting tooth and nail. :wink:


Doo, by staggering a 3 plant grow you still have the problem of the 9 clones?

Unless you clone each original as you cut it down.

Hey family if yr aloud to do let it be 2/12 then you can do that don’t matter if you have a clone of it cause if yr doin for yrself them yr not goin to do that and stop want then carry on buyin frm some were else as long as you do not do any more then 12 then yr not doing a farm we’re I am is yr ok to do 12