Across the Ditch - Ireland & Wales

Shuggz, thank you for your reply.

You have the luck of the Irish to live in a place so forward thinking.

I live in Ireland where things are not so cut-and-dried.

The discussion I started was not region specific. It was to discuss a possible legal argument for having 9 clones while still growing the 3 mother plants if your only allowed to grow 3 plants.

Stay well and stay lucky.

Yeah I get wat you mean fam then if it’s like that fam put your mother plants some were good and we’re you will be doing jst have the 3 and fam truly don’t worry about it make sure you don’t tell I say if that help in anyway and I’m in the :uk: outside London

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I hate to be the wet blanket but I only grow 2 at one time :clown_face:

Each person’s grow must be comfortable to their own circumstances and location. Don’t hate being a wet blanket! LOL

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Embrace it…


You have a safety blanket that happens to have damp problems! (smiles).

I’m just trying to make a plausible doubt argument in the same way Saul Goodman might.

Better Call Saul…

Have a good grow week and good luck.

Just don’t get nabbed & problem solved.

Honestly, no need to be worried unless you’re doing things that get the attention of the wrong people. Don’t tell anybody you’re growing, keep the smell down, use proper environmental controls so snow on your roof doesn’t melt off, etc.

Be a secret agent, & you won’t ever have to fight tooth & nail.


I just found out that some US states define the flowing plant numbers to be the legal count. Plants in seedling, clone or veg are disregarded.

In Ireland, at the moment there’s zero tolerance.

You’ve basically got 3 choices:

  1. Sell to the cops or get nab.
  2. Sell to one of the sectarian factions or get kneecapped or worse.
  3. Don’t sell and consume the bud yourself. This means you have to lead a secret life.

Things are changing.


I’m a consumer.

Betty, best regards and good luck.

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I take the risk because cannabis works for me.

At my age, that’s all that matters.


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Trump was erratic before he went to dc :rofl::rofl:

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Good… someone’s speaking up.


Here’s the place to go off topic

Seems like a long time ago when I first watched this…

This is one of the best Brexit summaries I’ve seen. One statistic quoted is that 80% of Brexiters don’t care what happens to the Islands (North & South) of Ireland as they regard them ALL as foreigners. Shameful. However, in my experience… It’s probably true.

Fintan O’Toole: Brexit: Ireland and the English Question

As Britain prepares to leave the European Union, it has become ever clearer, not just that Brexit has profound…


Yes, good link.

This PDF explains why using mycorrhizal fungi could be useful to both soil and hydro grows.

Thanks Jimmy.

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Mr Jack
is the weather as vile where you are ?, I have been living in a cloud for the last 2 weeks…totally fogged in and I am without a foghorn.
I am anxiously awaiting decent weather so I can get my auto afghani / hindu kush in the good earth but I am a good 3 long cold grey months away from those hopefully halycon days …I think its time for me to get some gro-lites and go interior stylee, Uh O ! I feel another (steep) learning curve coming on .

Mr James

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I think maybe you’re suffering from the winter blues and starting a new project would be just the thing for you to “up-spirits”. You know that sometimes my winter grow project is the ONLY thing motivating me to get out of bed on these cold damp afternoons .

Not really.

You are already a successful grower of auto crops. Drying and curing is now second nature to you.

Substituting a grow-light and timer for sunlight should be NO problem.

Jimmy. You’d be an eejit NOT to give it a go.

Bliain Nua Shona and good luck to you and yours in 2019.

Very best regards,



Sir O’whee

you are absolutely right…bollocks to winter !..Let there be Light !

Did you achieve your exterior winter grow objective ? I believe you had some Nepalese seeds going.

Thank you for the Good Vibes Mr Jack

Mr James having coffee and toast at 2.30pm

Further !

Blwyddyn Newydd Dda

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sixhator? Jimmy, is 68 your date of birth or your favourite Karma Sutra position? (smiling… I’m high)

I’m going to update my winter grow post in the new year.


As an exclusive preview/spoiler.

I can tell you that grow lights, hydromax and Kratky combined have produced explosive veg grow rates.

Kratky is NOT a fire-and-forget system when growing the beloved weed.

It will take time and effort… but not so much.

Plenty of lazy cold, damp afternoons under warm blankets and an even hotter lady with no danger of pump-sprinklers or complicated nutrient formulas keeping you awake at night./morning/afternoon.

Honest conclusions. Credit to his Nation.

This inspired me to give Kratky a go.

I’ve done a lot more research and tweaks to his grow.

Hopefully, my new year post will explain, show and explore the possibilities.

Jack (showboater 102) Karma S if only!

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