Ac Infinity Discount Code 4-29-2022

Ac Infinity Discount Code available 4-29-2022. I used TGT15 and it worked for -15% off.

I ordered the Cloudline T6 Mixed Flow Inline System (6" Fan & controller w/ environmental Temp/RH sensor probe). My first arrived yesterday. The superior control of ventilation system necessitates purchasing another (duplicating fans, controller and sensor probe). One controller will control TWO AC fans (still learning smart phone options). This compliment fixes or avoids multiple problems controlling two 4x4 tents indoors. Two sensors, two controllers, two fans, No Brainer. Anybody know about Infinity LED equipment? Recommendations?


@ jorkvilleyoe Look at this post when you have time.

Doesn’t look like your friend will get the alert. There’s a space between the @.


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@The_Chef heavy fingers, thank you

i hope it works out for you,i had purchased a cloudline 6" with same and package included the blue tooth enabled controller, than jammed a gorilla 6x24 carbon filter on it and vented it all the way out of my home.Yes i tore off the siding installed the 6" vent properly,back caulked the j channel and reinstalled the siding.inside i have a fresh air return,two actually letting in fresh air from elsewhere within the home.

i tried it and it didn’t work for me

@DEEPDIVERDAVE I’m a big fan of the Infinity T6 fan setup with two running but have no experience with their lights. Would love to hear feedback however. The ACI Controllers will also give you VPD metrics and historical data if you use the app. You may want to cap the max fan if it needs to cycle up somewhere below the maximum allowed unless you need the airflow and you will need to set your baseline if you go that route in the Off setting (I think) to whatever you want for constant airflow. Mine are both set to 4 for normal operation, though that can vary with the run, and then cap at 8 if they cycle up to dump heat for example. Hope you have good luck with them also.

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i know i wasnt tagged but just my two cents.
I tend to stay away from folks who claim they’re dialed in on everything especially when they wander away from their targeted market with unfounded claims of superiority in a technology space they neither belong to for very long and to a certain degree are unfamiliar.
I want a dedicated manufacturer of technology in pursuit of a reputable performance within the market space whose ass is on the line if their product falls short not a fragmented portion of a technology they managed to carve away having entered it in pursuit of command of a portion of market space and the ability to package a more comprehensive product to be able to say “You can buy it all right here”,you can bet when you have trouble with your light … if you have trouble it won’t be “right here” where the rubber meets the road. But elsewhere.
Some people may not care and that’s their right but if you want any hope of the desired quality performance much less efficient support would you not want to talk to those that not only manufacture the product but understand its technology and not a middle man slapping their name on a product that would otherwise likely not have a market share w/o that name?
Find out,better yet ask them ,who is making these units for them and where are they located ?
You have alternatives,American alternatives, European,Japanese,Taiwan etc.
Just for the love of god, not the junk coming out of China.
This is not meant to be and I don’t believe it can be misconstrued as such.
Its about your American dollar and your pursuit of quality product manufactured by someone who has something to lose if they fall short besides a portion of new unrealized market share.


Still learning all the functions and capabilities. This system allows remote temp monitoring and that reduces my trips to check temps. I found and calibrated the VPD using the provided formula Leaf temp MINUS ambient temp = offset (76-84= minus 8). Historical data good for knowing what happened or when. Selected straight ON setting with baseline set 5 (moveable). Until the second T6 fan arrives, I am using the first T6 for intake, split int both tents. Both tents have additional two 6" connecting hoses and one 4" hose venting the Veg tent. I have one small 6" fans inside each tent. Still learning and still evolving.


yes Me too with this smart controller .lol
It will be a little while to get the hang of it.
i don’t understand wherein they say to set the trigger for high humidity below low humidity to keep the fan operating within a certain range.
I am sure it’s me or how I am interpreting it,but the principle eludes me.

@jorkvilleyoe Android Ap and Bluetooth controller need probe sensor connected.before fan-controller and fan power. ACI Controller device right bottom corner “Mode” selection button. Depress for changing modes of measurable parameters. Left bottom corner button select displayed paramater that RBCorner MODE selected/switched. Reading the manual allowed me to understand how to calibrated probe inside tent, then compensate again, for leaf temp minus tent temp separately stored factors. Still working beyond ON Mode. Other modes like OFF, scheduled time on/off. and others. Too much fun to be had reading after working garden. Repeatedly, button pushing and reading become difficult but works better than WINDOWS MILENIUM, for sure. Fun for sure!

@jorkvilleyoe I just read about the VPD setting and function of VPD from ILGM/Wikipedia. Mumbo Jumbo deciphered, I water too much. Wow, I thought I was being nice and responsible, as the caring caretaker. half water rations required to bring VPD up to Zero POINT 8

looks like i have some reading to do .I had no idea we could influence vpd beyond fan speed and stuff like that. Do any of the resources give the VPD in the different stages of growth?

@jorkvilleyoe Here you go.


@jorkvilleyoe for my flower tent this is the chart at 78-degrees and 60% RH

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@DEEPDIVERDAVE, for flower, according to the chart, your optimum window should move 2 cells to the right, so 50-55% at your temp.

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these charts completely disregard leaf temp so this is a room/ grow space VPD and as per this chart I am right on the money w/72.1* and 53% Humidity @ 1.11 or so,but taking leaf temperatures into account I am @1.59 VPD and solidly in the mid/late flower zone skirting the danger zone.
What gives? Which one matters? I would guess the Leaf VPD would be more important but I really can’t say.

your leaf temps are lower than your environmental temps?
mine are higher unless either :my temp probe needs to be calibrated or
my ir thermometer is inaccurate or

First week of 11.5/12.5 flip into “FLOWER”

laser gun and external temp gauge used to calibrate probe (probe was 2-degrees higher than other).
Temperature on top of LED lights or just below, 8-degrees higher than leaf temps recorded with laser gun and probe readings at leaf level. What I am struggling with is the Humidity Calibration and Relative Humidity factoring. My struggle will be solved thru reading or a second temperature probe