Ac Infinity Cloudline S6?

I don’t remember who, I’m sorry, but somebody told me that it was advantageous to buy the cloud line S6, not the T6 and to buy the Controller 67 separately because it’s better than the controller that comes with the T6.

Is this your experience? Does anyone have knowledge as to whether or not this is correct looking to save money but I want the better equipment if possible and the difference is less than 10 bucks so…


They do have a new controller that’s WiFi. The regular controller is not. If you buy the controller as an extra you can get all the new features

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I may have said to buy s6 over t6, but I don’t use the other controller. Imo the problem with t6 controller is that it turns fan off to control, and you don’t really want that with lights on.

So In your opinion controller is rubbish as you leave fan on all the time?

Not something I would ever say

Right he did not say that
I put words in his mouth I suppose

Just want to do right by the plants and I thought having a controller that monitors temp and humidity would be a good thing

I am medicated so I might have misspoken

I have 3 and love the controllers but hey. It’s all how you use it. But if your stuck on one persons view then…

But I don’t think that’s the controller 67 that’s wi fi and I ain’t married to no opinion

I advise people to go with the s6 just because the controller is pretty useless unless you have some fine tuned operation going. Having steady air movement has always worked for me. Sure the humidity/temp reading is cool but they have $15 hygrometers that can do that work. Mine is just set to on at half speed. Haven’t turned the screen on in probably a year.

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The way I look at it I need as much control over my levels and grow as possible so I’d planned on getting a controller I just want the best I can get for most reasonable price

Functional good

But I see what yo mean too @dbrn32

I don’t have 67 controller. Would have been someone else that recommended it.

Your plants need co2 for photosynthesis. It’s more important than pinpoint temperature or relative humidity control. So you would not want to stop your air exchange on account of either while lights are on, unless you are replacing co2 with another source.

No I got no co2 source other than what I breathe out

Can you recommend a good reliable hygrometer?

The 67 controller is way better then the controller that comes with the “t” series fans.

The controller is Bluetooth and the app is really nice, having the ability to monitor all your grows from your easy chair. The app allows complete control of the programming of the controllers.

It also displays and exports graphs of temp and humidity changes over time.

But even nicer then all that is the programming changes. You start out by setting an on speed and an off speed. The on speed is the maximum speed the fan will reach when triggered, and the off speed is the lowest speed the fan will run, even if it is not activated by humidity or temperature triggers.

The on setting is the maximum that the fan will reach, you get to set up ramp up speeds. If the temperature (or humidity) trigger is reached the fans speed will only increase by 1 or 2 (your choice) unless it can’t keep up, then it continues to ramp up fan speed until it reverses the trigger, or it reaches the maximum “on” speed.

Buy the controller 67, it’s worth it.


Yeah I remember being told it was better than what comes with the other one

I think I’ll spend the extra 10 bucks

Thanks for the advice everyone

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I may well i was one who said if u were gonna get a t6 instead get the s6 with the controller 67 and u would have wifi capabilities for fan control. It will be roughly 30 bucks more thannthe t6 will be but u have more capabilities with the 67 controller. U sont have to buy it it is just a bit better than the t6 controller and looks a bit prettier lol i have a t8 controller here not being used wish i could orger just the fan without controls and have another infinity setup going. Right now i just use the 6 inch racial in my spare bathroom for exhaust but it is only connected to a 2 foot piece of tubing for exhaust so like no restrictions at all on both exhausts i have going

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Anybody know any discount code for AC Infinity?

Not sure if this is still active CANUCK20

Sadly no but thanks for the tip

How about CANUCK15

Woot that was it! Thanks a million, well thanks a 30.70

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