A potforpot watering question

I did a p4p starting out .

Their directions, shows letting the soil cook at least 10 days prior to transplant.

We didnt hit 10 days, maybe 5 days cooking.

I see experienced growers giving the advice to water these for runoff.

Also noted, by us and other growers, Nutes didnt last the whole grow.

Our problem, we used lifting and water method to a tee.
We dont think, we know we never watered over a gallon, half gallon at best. Never soaked the fabric pot. Plant was 4 footer, killer bud, 3 solid banana kush auto.

Our plant yellowed fast compared to the other 2 in coco.

Are you supposed to water for measuring tds in a pot4pot?

Wouldnt over watering flush nutes out faster of the living soil?

I concur with the nutes didnt last as per the lesves yellowing as they do late in flower. We also didnt follow initial soil instructions to the tee.

Thoughts please.


I’ve grown in the P4P medium and wasn’t planning an all organic grow so run off was my approach for testing PPMs and PH. They do state seed to harvest but found this not to be true around flowering time. My conclusion was the needed PK was just not enough to sustain the plant in the flower stage. I used synthetic fertilizer (Jacks 321) around week 6ish after the PPMs dropped to around 900. On the other hand organic growing does require a damp medium to keep the microbes alive and no run off :love_you_gesture:


Yesterday I read a post about using SoHum Living Soil and the poster’s satisfaction with it. The thread was SoHum Living soils. I believe @Robzilla is a newer grower and by his own admission on the lazy side, hence low maintenance soil was chosen.


Actually, your response was why i posted this. First, im new and seeking info always, and didnt not want to engage in debate with experienced grower helping snother new person.

I beieve soil is supposed to cook for 3 weeks. So mine possibley yellowed earlier due to me not following instructions totally.

Also we never, other than first saturation of bricks used more than a half gal to water. Which we noticed the lower 5 gal fabric wss dry on lower third of bag at harvest. Not used apparently.

No where in their directions gives watering amounts. Even emailed and asked, got no exact smounts, use judgement.

No matter what, our 3 zips has potency.

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This is what we shoot for Grow Bro and we’ll done! I used the P4P when I first started and was still learning and researching and was totally clueless to the organic method of growing even though that wasn’t my intent. I switched to coco after a few runs with soil for better control :love_you_gesture:


Oldgoat, aka oldgenius, you and that northern crew are always welcome around my fire and i keep sn outside fridge normally fully of Modelo, Corona, mic.ultralites and budlights for locals.

Do your :dancer: dance :man_dancing: me too!

Its hard for me to give what little knowlefge ive gained back. Specially if im confused and stoned.


Im coco and jacks due to @Hellraiser .


Living soils do not need to be watered to run off unless there’s a problem. But you can use things like compost teas @HippieRunner1 is the tea except here or if your lazy you a can use products like Recharge, Tribus and Fish shit they help feed the soil and the plants if you let living soil dry out to much it can kill the microbes these products help keep it kicking. I also use liquid kelp for a little extra nitrogen in flower if needed.


Is there any better way to grow :rofl:

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Dazed and stoned sounds better.


Thanx @dirtydave I sure do enjoy the teas :wink:

I was talking with a lab rat from Pree Labs a few weeks ago about olcc testing and the guidelines. He mentioned that all flower harvest after March 1st will require heavy metal testing. He also mentioned that the product Fish Shit and many store bought kelps are testing high in arsenic.
Just something to be cautious about.

Let me know if ya need anything. I’m always happy to lend a helping hand to a fellow grower.

Happy growing…


Fish Shit and many store bought kelps are testing high in arsenic.
That’s disturbing almost out of fishshit I guess I’m going to say out thanks for the information

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You’re right beardless, fairly new grower. Tried my first grow 3 years ago using the SoHum. I averaged @350 grams/plant with 8/7 veg/flower on sativa. It’s just for myself and I only make RSO and edibles. Cured and stored in mason jars in cool dark I still have viable herb left. There was some leaf yellowing in the last couple weeks. The only thing I ever added was a little aerated unsulphured molasses a couple weeks into flower. But I think I’ll try and make my own super soil (basically what SOHUM is) next time.

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Many around here will start with a good base and add dry nutrient mixes - Gia Green, Build a Soil, Roadside Organics and microbes.


Alot of growers overlook the importance of a nice healthy cover crop. This create usable nutrients for the plant and helps aid in the soil lifecycle. Outdoor grows it helps with water evaporation during hott days and helps keeps the plant alittle warmer during those cold nights.
It also give worms a chance to munch on decaying material allowing them to transport it deep into the soil. Leaving behind worm castings and creating air pockets to help with drainage.

Oh man sorry kinda got on alittle tangent. I sure do love organic farming :slight_smile: