Letting Smart Pots Sit In Their Ass Water

Heres the run down

3 Gallon Smart Pots
An Air cooled Venting system
Saucers and risers for the Smart Pots
General HydroPonics Flora Series. 3 Part

I noticed when bottom water then top water a bit the pots stay heavy (wet) for longer. Im using a 2 gal pump sprayer ands its a pain in the ass.

My goal is having to water less.

Does anyone familar with the results of letting smart pots sit in their own runoff?

Maybe just watch the PPMs of the runnof?

Do the PPMs in nutes eventually get used by the plant?
I would guess yes?

Or maybe do it once a week around nute time to really give them a good dosage?

Any thoughts or feed back would be appreciated

Thank you

Pic below.

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Ive always heard not to bc of the salta n such in the runoff


The thing with coco is it will grab on to calcium and magnesium and release potassium. Allowing it to re-uptake that solution could result in a nutrient imbalance.

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Yeah you don’t want the plant to sit in stagnant water. DWC is different because you’re adding air to the water. That’s essentially the problem along with what @GhostGrow mentioned if going synthetic route… too much salt buildup. I would work towards making the watering process easier so you don’t mind it as much :+1:


Awesome. Im learning from you guys. Thanks so much for all info ive been shared and read in other posts

Back to 1 Gallon Milk Jugs probably.
It just sucks having to PH every gallon.
Not to mention when involving nutes.

Perhaps this is why people go hydro.

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Didnt know that. Thank you

I fill up a 5 gallon bucket in the tub, let it sit overnight, then ph the whole thing. Makes it a lot easier and just fill my watering can from this.

I have about 70 mothers at hemp farm I do the same with a 50 gallon drum and then use a shurflo pump with a garden hose and wand attached. Can water all of those in about 15 mins. For stealth grow I have 1 monster gelato and then 23 plants ranging from solo cup to 5 gallon that takes about 45 mins. Hope that helps some - used to do exactly like you are and find this way much better for time.


Golden response right there! Thank you @Sirsmokesalot

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@MrMirrors Hey your looking for the autopot smart pot system.

They have reservoirs from 12 gals up

Go 2/3 coco 1/3 perlite

You’ll be fine running gh flora with it that way

Agreed with @PharmerBob

i like those saucers i never knew they had these