A little help with 2 plants

@Nicky I am running my first autopot grow using jacks 321. I turned my system a week ago and the plants are taking off very well. These were unhealthy clones at the start but have recovered very well but I am starting to get some spots on them. I am using jacks at full strength my humidity is mid 50’s and temps avg 74 Fahrenheit they do dip into the low 60’s at night. They are in. 2x4 with a hlg 350r on high at roughly 30” above. I do have a auto in soil in there with them finishing up. That is why I have it turned on high. Ph of Rez is 5.9 to 6.0 I “check it daily “. I have a 6inch infinity fan and filter keeping the air circulating. I am using coco and perlite at 50/50 rinsed, ph’d charged with cal mag. Do you think I need to bump up the epsom salt a little? Thank you for your time.

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Hey @BIG-ORANGE-B welcome to the autopot team!

Ph should be 5.8 unless in soil, soil is 6.5.

Crank your light up a bit more to retain a bit more heat, or turn your controller Auto On, set the low humidity and low temp to OFF then set your high temp to 79f followed by high humidity at 40% (this will prevent bud rot in your flowering soil plant)

Are you using a silica product?

If not then you can bump your calcium nitrate up, I’ve ran as high as 4G per gallon so go ahead and try 2.8g maybe.

Turn your reservoir valve off and find out how much water is in it. Then add the extra 0.4g per gallon, mix it up well re PH it and open the valve.

What order did you mix your nutrients in, please explain your process as this could be the issue as well.

I mixed part A with epsom salt separately from part b. I am not using a silica product yet, I was going to get some this weekend I figured the perlite would suffice for a week. I use a pump to mix and a small pump in my Rez on a timer just to keep everything mixed up. I don’t have the infinity on this tent I just have manual controls to keep it set. I was mistaken with the fan on my setup info for you. I will up my cal nitrate now.

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Thanks again and I will keep you posted.

@Nicky So I checked my ph before adding cal nitrate and it was at 6.0. I added .4g per gallon and ph’d to 5.8. Then it dawned on me to check the ph in the actual pot base because these are plants are still small they are not drinking much. It was at 5.2. I sucked it all out and let the new from the Rez in a couple times. So maybe that was my problem. In my Rez it has been drifting up a little so I have ph’d back down twice so far. I will figure it out. Again Thank you for your time. I will tag you later on to show the progress.

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I’ve never checked ppm or PH in the trays, when I need to know something that I can’t test or figure out myself I have a line to Jason the ceo of autopots.
Don’t sweat the PH in the tray.
I see you have clay pebbles, did you PH buff them for 48hr at 5.8?

No I rinsed them. I didn’t buffer them because I am only using them on top to keep the coco mix from blowing off and getting everywhere.

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I did not think the pebbles would affect anything with ph just being on top. I can take them off and soak them. Would you?

Probably not. I wouldn’t use rm though lol don’t water through them early on if you do buff them for 48hr. But with your system on you won’t ever water through them.

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Hello Nicky, I have a random question for you. I keep a storage reservoir to top off my feeding reservoirs with, after the initial fill of the storage tank when I want to add to it can I mix directly into it or do I need to dissolve the parts in separate containers? I am using the jacks 321 in auto pots. Thanks