A bone to pick with ILGM with a smile

The 22nd of January I planted my second grow. My neighbor who is interested in starting a grow came to watch with his 4 or 5 yr old son. His son really wanted to participate and plant a seed. I found my smallest darkest “Non-germinating looking” seed I could find. I let him do most everything and we both planted our seeds and everything looked great. This is where my problem with IGLM comes in, both of the darn seeds germinated!! So thanks IGLM and your guarantee, what the hell am I supposed to do now!! LOL!!

Honestly what do I do??


Size don’t matter :joy:


Pull them apart gently and replant them separately or kill the weaker of the 2.
They will complete and better off with one in pot really…


Years back I went to a school of 1st graders.I went on a Friday and showed taught them about farming and planting seeds.
Before I left I planted a sunflower seed in a 5 gallon pot.that weekend I dug up a 6’ sunflower and transplanted it in a 5 gallon pot .I took it to school before the kiddos showed up.
When they walked in the classroom,their eyes were as big as the stars.definitely a priceless moment.
Anyway where I was going.plant a sunflower in a pot same as the youngster did.then give it to him to take home to take care of.then you can say yours didn’t make it and he will be a garden giant/hero.


Use a spoon now while they barely have any root system to intertwine, then replant separately. They look happy. Twice as nice!!


Let them grow!
Or split them

Splitting when smaller, is easier. Had to use big hand saw.

Good learning available.
Be gentle and loving.


On tips of some old school growers, I will typically go after smallest seeds first.


Leave ‘em alone, start training in opposite directions. And let them do their thing.

I’ve got several in a couple different pots, as small as solo cups and a couple in 1 gal pots :v: they’re doing fine


GREAT, idea!! The Mom and Dad are both on board.

Alternatively, grow until sexing or keep short lady and toss leaners.
Males tend to grow taller, faster, IME

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