8 week WWA yellow leaves

Hello all! I have one ILGM White widow autoflower in my 2x2.5x5’7 gorilla tent. I have a viparspectral 600 UL light and is vented by a vivohome 188cfm duct fan with virgini carbon filter. The first six week I had a co2 bag in the tent. I’m growing in 5gal fabric pots in FFOF I did put a small center of seed starter soil. I first started with distilled water and phed to 6.7. My water had made soil acidic so I added domolite lime to raise the ph of the soil. She is on a 18/6 light schedule. Temps range from 78-86 day time and rh 60 and night temps around 70 and rh50 at night. It started showing signs of flower at week 3 and is now currently a little over 8 weeks old from seed. I have had a huge spread of yellowing min my lower fan leaves. She was fed at 5weeks with Gaia green general nutes and Gaia green flower bloom slow release amendments. Is this yellowing normal?? I think it’s nitrogen deficiency, I am currently using tap water that has been aerated and dechlorinated. I’ve used cal mag a few times earlier in the grow when having some calcium issues. I should be getting recharge compost tea today hoping that boosts microbial life and allows for nutes to be broken down for use.