Yellowing leaves with white widow auto flower


auto flower white widow has many yellow leaves at the base of one plant. They are both from the same package of seed’s from ILGM. 81 degrees, 30% humidity. Lights are
LED Grow Light Viparspectra P 2000, 4x2coverage. Indoor grow in a tent. I’m growing them in 5 gallon buckets with Fox farm soil. I have been watering them every day because they are very dry if I don’t. I had been fertilizing with Fox Farms veg and flower but I haven’t been very consistent. I was following the directions on the bottle and watering them with nutrients every other time. Until I saw the beginning of nite burn. My soil has a ph of 6 and I measured with an Apera ph 20. Thoughts about my sad yellowing leaves? Help! I haven’t measured my ppm, getting the pen today. It has been in the flowering stage about 3 weeks.

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Don’t worry about the lower leaves. It is natural for them to yellow and fall off as the plant matures.

Suggest using a PPM meter and maintaining a runoff PPM of ~1,000.

6.5 is a better target pH.


Thank you! I was beginning to panic, they’ve come so far.

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I agree with @MidwestGuy. Once you measure ppm’s you’ll have a better starting point. Yellowing on lower leaves could mean Nitrogen or Potassium (with the brownish tips). But I always say do not chase deficiencies until you know your pumps and the ph of your SOIL first… and of course, some yellowing is normal especially once they’ve moved to flower.

Adding something like Great White or Recharge can help with root issues and it never hurts to add them a couple of times.

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Might be a stupid question but I’m first timer. Do those white widow branch out like that on their own or do you do something to cause this. I’m trying white widow auto flower now

To be honest, this is my third grow. I don’t think it’s unusual but they are only supposed to 24” tops and I think mine is 36. I need to try training them. Every time I know more. Now I have mute problems which I’ve never had before.

Thank you so much for the chart, it’s great! According to the chart it is potassium difficient.

Do you mean mites? If so, I’m in love with PureCrop1 and you can mix it with pesticides. The bugs can’t build an immunity to it as well.

I bought some great white but wanted to ask how often I should use it? Did you mean a couple of times during the entire growth of the plant or a couple of times in the late flowering stage? Thank you for your help!

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It’s never going to hurt at any time. Healthy roots make for a happy plant :wink:

Use half strength nutrients every other watering with auto’s, let the soil dry out and water until there is a little runoff to make sure the soil is well saturated and shoot for a 6.5 ph. It’s NOT normal t be having leaves yellowing and falling off at any point of the grow if they are fed properly.