6 weeks into flower with a surprise..help!

I’m right at 6 weeks into flower (for the 1st time!) and I just noticed this little yellow horn looking growth!

Is this normal? Maybe an oversized pistil?

(Right in the center of the coala. Little yellow horn)

Those are late hermaphrodite flowers. Also sometimes called bananas or “naners”. Unless you want seeds over your entire crop, you should pinch off all you can find before they open up and can spread the pollen contained inside airborne.



Very strange looking. It looks like the base of stamen with the hair fallen off. I think @garrigan62 may have a better idea.

Or what he said :grimacing:

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Holy shit…we’re pinching them all off (6 or 7 so far) the best we can. Will this affect the outcome of the harvest?

Could we possibly get seeds but still have smokable buds?

You might get seeds, but by pinching them off, it should limit the amount of seeds. The buds will still be smoke-able after you remove any seeds, just like a bag of schwag/mersh, but still of better quality.



Phew…okay. These damn Naners showed up literally overnight. They weren’t visible last night. We were freaking out!!

Thank you so much for the fast response! My wife and I have a daily ritual of looking in on and admiring our little lady when the lights kick on. Being the first successful grow we’ve been very proud so far.


There is a very high possibility of having one or two seeds and maybe not having any at all… just depends on how quickly you were able to find those nanners and how far into the grow that you were…
Always pluck those off if you see them​:rage::angry:
This is either a genetic trate or you over stressed your girls… Or possibly a light leak…



Good luck keeping up with them. You know me, any sign of male and it’s outta here!

I had one do that to me this year. Pulled it and ended up with a decent wake and bake that you couldn’t sit down with!

Sent a piece with my son to take to work and the results reported from the crew were amazement!

Just sayin’…

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I just starte the flush routine and the trichomes aren’t even all milky, let alone amber. Wouldn’t that make for a weak harvest to pull prematurely?

And if I do get some seeds and let it go a couple more weeks, it won’t really affect the outcome of the potency will it? I’ll just have some seeds with some good bud?

Yes, you will lose both yield and potency if you pull it now. It’s one of those hiccups we encounter from time to time.

My opinion on allowing it to remain…

While you could get seeds from it pollinating the rest of the plants, I believe they would be useless to you. You’ve already started flushing. This is depriving the plant of nutrients that are needed to form viable seeds.

How long does it take to form a viable seed? I don’t know either! I think your target date for harvest is too close to properly form the seeds. Not to mention, those seeds may end up being more prone to turn on you.

My goal is sinsemilla, without seed. The reason is because as soon as the plant is pollinated it will put energy towards the seed in order to propagate for next season.

It is my belief that one seed in a plant lessens the quality of the bud. It’s why I will keep bag seeds from decent smoke whenever I run out and have to buy it. If it was good with a seed, it will be bad a$$ without!

Again, you have to go with your own gut. I would rather lose a little quantity than quality.

I wish you the best with whatever you decide…


Well, the good news is- that’s only one (topped) plant so I don’t have to worry about pollinating other plants.
Good point about not having enough time to properly form seeds. Hopefully being 2 weeks from harvest will keep that situation from getting out of control. I definitely don’t want or need seeds. I’ve got a dozen auto flower seeds I’m itching to get in some dirt once this grow is finished.

So, I’m going to stick with it and give her 2 more weeks before I chop. Thanks for your feedback!

Ocala sucks!

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Yeah, that’s why I moved out by the forest. Not a big city, but I find city life to suck for my way of living.

I tend to spend my time at home or around the various springs. I live a quarter mile from the river, so life is good here. :wink:

It’s not often that I speak with someone online that knows anything about Ocala…

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Being in flower, I hope you allowed enough die back space above the next bud site below the cut.

I didn’t one year and lost some good bud. I try to leave about an inch of stem now.

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So an inch of stem? I might have left about a half inch or so after the 8th set of true leaves while in veg.
I’ll keep that in mind for next time.

I obsessively read and follow the forums and blogs on ILGM. Learning so much. A year ago I knew nothing about growing.
That’s where I saw you mention Ocala. I lived there years ago for quite a while. Some good times, and not so good times haha…

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It doesn’t seem to be as much of a problem during veg. That’s why I had done it that way while budding. Didn’t like it so well.

Reading is the quickest way to get the info. The answer is already there…

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Born and raised in Madeira Beach and Clearwater Beach spent a couple of years up in the Inverness area . We bought a new home in Spring Hill on a half acre when it was first being built for only $ 28,000 lived in florida for 45 years . The beach sure was a fun place to grow up.


I’ve lived in Florida since I was 6 weeks old. Moved to Ocala when I was 5. Been in Marion county since then.

Pay scale sucks, politics are worse, horse farms run things…but the land! This is my home.

I think the Appalachian range is gorgeous! I’ve visited Indiana in a town called Santa Claus. That was pretty, but strange.

No matter where I go, these springs and swamps keep calling me home! I know others feel the same thing about their home, but my heart remains here in the center of the Sunshine State!! :sunglasses:

Hard to want to be anywhere else…

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Yeah bud I hear ya on home always speaks to our hearts . We moved to the Shenandoah Valley in Virginia and it is one of the most beautiful area’s I have ever seen . That being said I would start packing my shit to move back to Clearwater Beach tomorrow. But the wife has family here soooo.

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Hey Oldstoner, I hear ya about the Shenandoah Valley - I’m up at the northern edge in the Eastern Panhandle of WV. It is absolutely gorgeous! After 3 minutes away from the house on my motorcycle, it is Almost Heaven! I’m an inside tent grower; ILGM WW Fem, GH nutes; 400w MH center + 2 LEDs angled on ends (/----\); I’ve just taken clones from this, my 3rd clone grow. They stay pretty close to 30d veg & 60d flower; Cheers!


I’m in week 6 also. Seen on today. One on another plant not 100% it was a banana. On the one plant it was on top. Very small. Was able to remove this. If I start seeing more should I just stop the grow. I think some of this is form heat. My room was getting to hot at night didn’t realize it.

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