Little yellow flowers ( smaller than i expected ) are these the nanners?

so is this a picture of the little yellow flowers coming out of my great big almost fully finished bud :imp:
going to be coming down in a week or two ( hopefully as i need the tent and i have to CLEAN it first… for pollen… so annoyed lol - if this is the culprit I know now to look MUCH closer as they are hard to see with my lighting… uh untill they OPEN that is… rrrrrr.

Yes those are nanners… Pluck them off before they open…:fearful::angry::rage:


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Thanks @peachfuzz Im on it… if your anywhere close to Pa… your invited over to help lol theres LOTS haha actually thinking this pulling them off may be adding insult by just pollination by me fooling with them ( um does that make me a pimp?)
hahaha maybe more like a midwife i guess ( wiping brow wheeew)

nanner picking party at my house wooooo! lol :hear_no_evil:

JSYN, there is no plucking bananas before they open. Bananas are releasing pollen as soon as you spot them because they are just the inside of the male plant part, without the “ball” that would normally have to open. I’m not sure how long it takes for seeds to start developing enough to ruin the smoke.

I bought some black market jack skellington once that had almost microscopic seeds all through it that made it unsmokable.

I’ve had bananas on 3 plants now that I picked off as soon as I spotted them, but no seeds throughout to cause problems. I have found one very developed seed in my sour diesel harvest, so far. I still have 3 ounces to smoke.