6 weeks from germination, houston we have a problem AUTOFLOWER PURPLE KUSH

this plant is an autoflower from ILGM and its currently around 40 days from germination wtf it has pistils, and looks like its gonna bud the smallest bud ever… what have i done wrong?. using FF/OF 300w CFL temps at night are around 65f and day goes from 77 to maybe 80 max humidity is around 30 im new but determined please help!!


I had one of my Amnesia Haze Autos do the same thing a few months back. No clue why. I’d start another one and I doubt it is anything you did? You can post a support ticket but I think it’s probably just a mutant seed or whatever @omegasick

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did yours ever do anything other than what this one is doing?

as well can i leave the lights on 24/7 with the autos?

It grew to about 2.5 inches tall and just looked like a minature of the other plant.

You can run any light schedule with autos. Save some electricity $$ and put the light on 12/12 when they flower. Most just run their lights 16/8.

All plants need rest. I’ve never really found concrete evidence that running lights 24/7 offers any advantage.


my light is a 125 w cfl actually… and it was around 3 inches from the plant when it sprouted, its a warm bulb not hot you think it stunted it??, as well I germinated straight in my 2.5 gal cloth bucket sprouted just fine…

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@omegasick yes that was the problem. You never had enough light for it to grow properly and she simply went into flower because it’s an auto and flowers on an internal clock.

so now I need a new light? any recommendation?

Here is my WWA…she is about 9 or 10 weeks old :scream: and two inches tall or short…lol

For my grow the consensus was my light was to much to early…not sure that’s your problem or not but just thought I would throw that out to you sou you know your not alone :sunglasses:


My guess is a freak seed, I’ve seen some like this around, 4-5 inches tall, small bud. This happens some times even with sufficient lighting.

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I agree that it may just be the seed. It is impossible to get perfect seeds every time. I just finished three Auto’s myself and one was very small. Not quite as small as yours, but I call her my blunt. It happens.
You added that you were using one, 125 watt cfl? That would be fine for starting, but you need something more if you want bigger plants.
I use full spectrum LED lights of 1000 watts( the real wattage draw is about 300 watts each).

@arcticGrow @Tr33 @Daddy Here’s my AH . 25 days old , 3 1/2 " tall , with a Nug on top .

:smile: 300 Watt LED also 2- 50 Watt supplemental on each end .


I think the auto I call my blunt, was about that size when she went to flower. I just uprooted her to dry. I will post a pic in a minute so you can see what she looked like at the end.
@Seeddog, here she is after just a small manicure.

I like to do a little manicure wet, then finish up when dry.

Better to have a nice blunt or two than no smoke at all.:grin:


Just some early samples for me when its done. :+1:

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Bonsai buds! Is that a thing?

Seriously though, it must suck to give so much unrequited love. Here’s to the next one, she’ll be right

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is there a good all in one wattage from seedling to flower you guys would recommend, the grow shop dude said the 125w would be plenty, I kept it close when it sprouted maybe 3 or 4 inches away snd didnt move it to prevent stretch but other ppl say you want your plant to grow into the light… the bulb puts out alot of light, but not very much heat at all being a CFL, I just need a concrete solution to my setup so I can rule out those variables, im new and it sucks going through botique seeds with no luck ;(

This was one of mine not sure why but only happened once out of 30 +

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1 in 30, that is good news. I don’t want another one, but the fact I never know how a seed will react makes it interesting. The differences between seeds is very cool.