5 from 5 in under 5 days!

Mutants, maybe too many gamma rays?

On both fan leaves with tiny middle leaves?

Never seen this mutation before and on two out of three, strange?


Topped or maybe fimmed yesterday, dunno it was such a cluster @#$* up there…

pH down added a few days ago, nothing else, this seems to be the usual, pH always seems to drift up, until the last four weeks of flower, when it goes the other way in my experience.

Hydro is taking off, spare seedling in premium potting mix, need to transfer her to a bigger pot soon.


Looking good Bro :sunglasses: :v: :heart:

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Very nice. Looking good brother.

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Very nice little bunch.

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Have you tried the sunrise/ sunset feature of the light.

Been using for the last two weeks and it seems (what I think… hmmm second dwc what would I know) to make a difference.

User’s have bagged out the app. But fingers crossed, not a single issue. Mind you the app isn’t the easiest, but once you’re got it worked out it does everything. :+1::+1:

Fairly sure my light most likely will not work with the app as it is a very early model, over 3 years old.

It seems a nice feature, which may make a difference, though I can’t imagine it being a significant difference.

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Update, nothing but a few drops of pH down added every 3 days or so to bring it back to below six.

Tote 1 @ 580ppm and tote 2 @ 620ppm, so that’s good as it means they are eating those nutes!


Looking awesome brother :sunglasses: :v:

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Update, just flipped these girls to 12/12 today.
Tote 1 had really low pH yesterday, corrected with pH up, no idea why and there were no visible growth issues, tote 2 was fine?

Tote 1 now at 480 ppm and tote 2 at 530ppm.

Nothing but pH adjusting, tote levels have dropped maybe 2 inches. I will top up soon with flowering nutes.

This is why I use big totes, the extra volume means you don’t need to top up the totes as often and buffers against fluctuations in temperature, pH and nutrient levels.



Very nice Brother :sunglasses: :v: :heart:

@mardy @FUKAZ28 @NUG61 @patrick1960

Update, also forgot to mention these girls were flipped exactly one calendar month from seed. Sown on May 8, flipped on June 8.

Added 40mls of Go Green to each tote, basically Cal Mag, analysis in snapshot.

Tote 1 at 600PPM and Tote 2 at 650PPM.

All doing well, except that one in the corner, that is a lot different from the other three, has skinnier leaves and just seems a bit weaker than the rest, oh well…

Pictures in edit from phone…


Waiting in anticipation of what you do with the net.
I’m just about to net mine up.

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The net is basically in place now and used as a branch spreader, pushed over to force the branches apart. I do have a second net if needs be.


Looking good my brother.


Looking sweet Brother :sunglasses: :v: :heart:

Just over one week since flip…

Some progressive pruning and branch manipulation.

Added 25ml of A and 25ml of B floral nutes to each tote, both at 650ppm yesterday, 590 this morning.

Running minimum nutes and only adding when the ppm drops below 550, otherwise it’s pH corrected water just over a litre per tote per day now.

They don’t seem to need anymore.