Bruce Banner #5

Here’s some shots of my Bruce Banner #5 strain that I grow, some are from multiple different plants


I like what im seeing @Gfunk i have two Bruce Banners going my self
Mine are only a 4 weeks from seed
How much and how often are you feeding? What nutrients are you using?

You certainly turned em into hulks well done @Gfunk

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Awesome @Countryboyjvd1971 Can’t wait to see/hear how they come out for you. I’ve run Bruce Banner #3 before and it didn’t purple up at all, the Banner 5 blows up with purple everywhere with about 2 weeks left. The #3 seemed to be a heavier indica and smelled and tasted diesel-ish like Headband or Sour D. The #5 is a lighter indica, almost sativa buzz, and a completely different crazy strong fruity smell/taste profile…as one buddy stated “it smells like a strawberry shit in my nose, and I tried to wipe it out with blueberry jam” lol

I’ll throw out a couple tips that I learned the hard way that hopefully help if it does end up being Banner #5. It doesn’t like to be over lollipoped or defoliated, although it has tons of large shade leaves. And it seems to like more distance from the lights than other strains. Any colas closest to the lights came out very small and tight, like a pointer finger, no matter how much or how little I topped them. Surprisingly all the lower, side tops were nice and fat and chunky.

I currently run a nutrient line called Maia Grow, it has a veg A & B, Flower A & B and hardener. I also add Mammouth P, Terpinator and a few other things to help boost terps and size. No pesticides, only use Safer Soap and sticky traps.

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And I usually feed them 2 gallons of nutes every 3-4 days

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Here are a couple close up of today’s Banner that I took down…super frosty


Here’s a couple close ups of the cured Banner


Really, its hard to get this strain in Europe. I need this one. looks fantastic :blush: