5 from 5 in under 5 days!

Consulted Dr Google, an extra dose of Cal Mag was recommended, added 40ml to each tote.


I’m having the same issue trying to keep the ph up.
Might have to give the cal mag a go.
Thanks for the tips and please what are the results you got?

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What scale are you using for ppm, 500 or 700?

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Nice thread and bet grow. I love an old bubbler grow. Gonna tag along. I’m new here.

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I see you liked my Black Widow, here is my current grow.

@mardy @greenmonster714

About the ppm pen, seems I have both. I thought my old one was broken as I had locked the readings at 0 without knowing, DOH :persevere:

I am glad I did, the new one is reading about 860 on both totes this morning, the old pen read 600!

This explains why I was having potential overfeeding issues with my previous grows!

Added 2.5 litres of water to each tote, forced the pH up with 20 drops of pH up to each tote last time as 12 wasn’t enough last time! My totes do hold about 60 litres of nutrient solution, so it can take some correcting, though usually not this extreme.

Both totes now a bit high at 6.2 pH, though I will leave it at that and test again tomorrow.

Ok a couple of pictures with a vertical shot to show the stretch and a baby bud.


Sweet! Set to watch. :call_me_hand:

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Them bubblers can be a trick to dial in but once your there it’s on.

I learned how to grow using bubblers. Back then I enjoyed the science side of it and all the measurements and readings blah blah blah. Today I use peat. I never meter a thing. I feed the same amount from seedling to harvest. If it needs water it gets some Jack’s.

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Then again these are under 2 months old from seed, and it’s no more than 15 minutes of a morning to keep the science on track… :wink:

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Well there’s a fine example of a dialed in box. Awesome growth so far. These are gonna overgrow your space…lol
I used to run bubblers under a screen. They fill it up in no time.

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Next morning and as I suspected, pH now at 5.9 in each tote, so the pH fell 0.3 during 24 hours, PPM at 800 each tote.

So they ate a little and drank a lot, added 2.5 litres of filtered tap water to each.

The tap water here is 7.9 pH, surprisingly this is not enough on its own to counter the falling pH.

Any bets on what tomorrow’s reading might be?

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I’m having the same issue.

Get my ph up to 5.8 to 5.9 and similar to you drops back down to 4.5.

The hydro shop suggested adding 5l of tap water and 2l of filtered water (have 3 stage filter setup). Even said change from filter to tap. he’s heard of a few people that have issues with ph issues using filtered water?

Going to give this a go before the calmag.

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Such a slight change isn’t much to worry about. As they consume more the ph moves a little. Ya just keep adjusting. Sometimes a lil less food helps. Sometimes a lil more helps. Ya just try to hit the mark ya need them tweak as ya go.




They are stacking up tight. Gonna be fun to watch these finish. I like bud that forms like that.

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@MadamCalamity @mardy @greenmonster714

Two months from seed, one month of veg, they are budding up nicely, it smells like a candy shop in there!

Just been adding pH corrected water, with lots of pH up, I swear they are eating the stuff!

Both totes at 750ppm, so not eating much though drinking 2.5 litres per tote per day.

Here are some pictures, they are looking healthy and the stretching has slowed, so headroom should not be an issue.


I’d say your dialed in for sure. They look strong n healthy. Maybe not so much that little potted one next to the rest but she will have her day…lol


Today is week 5 after flip, nothing but pH corrected water, ppm is steady at 800 or there about on any given day. They don’t seem to be lacking anything, they have stopped stretching and the buds are getting fatter.



Here’s my current grow…

Don’t tell anyone but I am too lazy to do res changes, no need if you keep those ppms low and keep them hungry, just add nutrients when they really need them.

Total nutrients used thus far…

100mls of both A+B veg nutrients.
150mls of both A+B floral nutrients.
75mls of calmag
50mls of PK

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Thanks for the tag! Looking great. :sunglasses::call_me_hand:t3: set to watch