5 from 5 in under 5 days!

Seeds planted directly into rockwool on Wednesday afternoon May 8 (New Moon)…

Rockwool soaked in tap water with a dash of H2O2, pH corrected to 5.5, then shaken to remove excess water.

Five baby Bruce Banner.


Nice work, what genetics are they?

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They are from one of the few local suppliers still open in Australia. So unknown as to where they source the seeds.

I have grown this strain before and it was sweet and strong.

The strange thing is they claim it is Bruce Banner #5, which is a clone phenotype, which is not guaranteed from any seed?


Transferred to their DWC forever home yesterday…

That’s most of the hard work done, cleaning and sanitizing the containes and air stones, the lugging of 10x15 litre buckets of water, pH corrected with nutrients and a dose of H2O2 to each tote just to be sure.


@mardy @RickG31_FT0

One week later, added a 35ml dose of Grow Green I had left in the old bottle, basically Cal, Mag, iron and other trace nutrients and that’s about all.

These are 100 litre totes from the local hardware giant here Bunnings, with 4 inch nett cups with 4 inch round flat airstone discs…

So here is a shot above and below.


Very nice @StevOz.

Gonna be following progress…

How far are they sitting from fluid?

A few centimetres with the lid closed, the roots have only just hit the nutrient solution.

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Another question.
I’ve just got my new light fc4800 and wonder what height you run your light at?

So far I can find one site that says 30cm above and another 45cm above.

And two mars hydro sites that have the same?

I started at 45 cm and 50%, adjust to 66% a few days ago, now letting the plants grow up to the light.


Thanks @StevOz

That’s what I’ve got mine at 45cm.
Think she’s still adjusting to a decent light source.

This is the one that says 30cm… lol

I found you bro, duh you posted the link for me…lol I would drop your res level to 1 1/2 - 2" from the bottom of your net basket. You want the bubbles to bust below the basket and the roots will grow down to them quicker. You may be fine just dont fill up to the basket. Looking great and set to watching :sunglasses: :v: :heart:



A shot from this morning they seem to have hit second gear…


Very Nice

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@mardy @NUG61 @FUKAZ28

Overhead view…


I see the net when will you put that up?

Still very interested in how you go…

Net won’t go across until after flip, they will be topped in a week I guess when they hit the 4/5 node. A week or so later, I will lollipop up to the top two nodes and flip to 12/12, then the net goes up.


I like it @StevOz
Excited to see where it goes from here.


Update, added 1 TSP of mycogold to each tote dissolved in a litre of water a few days ago, Hulk like gold.

MycoGold™ is a complete balanced mycorrhiza blend including endomycorrhiza, ectomycorrhiza, trichoderma and beneficial bacteria to increase plant compatibility and boost production.

No other additional amendments, both totes at 5.9 pH, tote 1 at 650 ppm, tote 2 at 700 ppm. I did have a part B spillage, which caused the extra ppm, it didn’t help though they have grown past that.

Here is a picture since adding the gold you can almost see them growing!


Looking very healthy Brother :sunglasses: :v: :heart:

Oh yes, forgot to mention Gamma Rays upped to 75%. :radioactive:

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