5 day old clones

How they doing?


Or else they are just very well camouflaged! No worries about the man finding those girls!


Sorry about taking pleasure from your pain. I’m truly not a sadist. Just laughing with you over all this technology enriching our lives to the point of stroke! :wink:


Yeah I finally got it to upload! How are they doing?

Edit: now I can’t upload again, is this normal?
…or paranormal

Looking good to me except that one to the far right and just above level of your thermometer. Looks droopy compared to the others.

Lol. They still look better than mine, but now I know not to clone AFs.

First ones I’ve taken in over 20 years and 14 out of 15 made it! LOL I have no idea what I’m going to do with so many plants!?

I have no idea how so many survived because I dried them out a couple times cooked them once left the mat off by accident for 6 or 8 hours once (but it didn’t go below 68)

I think the rooting powder & rapid rooters had a lot to do with it, I bought the cheapest powder I’ve ever seen, called Takeroot, & had these great results with it!

That’s a damned good ratio! Even in all my previous grows I never had that kind of survival rate. I usually count on losing 5 - 10 percent loss.

Of course, I’m counting on the ratio getting better with the help I’m getting here.

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I’m pretty amazed too because honestly I made a couple of major mistakes.

As I got deeper in the tray I did see a few Brown Roots, and I know I burnt the hell out of it at some point so I’m trying to see now if they’re all going to survive or not but yeah I’ve got nice white roots too and in only 7 days!

the thing is, not only don’t I need all of these right now I’ve also got a bunch of white widow cuttings that I have to take soon too and I’ve only got a 4 x 4 for veg!? :herb:

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It’s a shame you can’t mail them to me! Lol

Since learning AFs don’t like to clone well, I dropped the 4 other seeds I had. I don’t know what strain, but was told they all came from medical grade smoke.

Of course I’m watching for males, but I’m pretty sure this late of a start will not help me get clones that will produce enough.

Here they are at 8 days…

I’ve got Northern Lights OG Kush 8 Ball Kush and some unknown dank …tonight I’m putting about half in 5.5 Square pots

I honestly never expected 14 of 15 to Root so I don’t really have anywhere to put them ?! LOL I’ll manage ?


I’ve never had Roots like this this fast the whole tray is just busting with roots it’s got to be that Takeroot powder…

I’ve never had results like this! 8 are transplanted, 5 more will go tomorrow and one 8Ball kush looks like it’s on the fence ?

I’m lovin’ it…! :smiley:


Nice roots on those!

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That’s awesome and exciting. :grinning::seedling::herb::evergreen_tree:

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Thanks Jay I am psyched! I did something a little different, I lightly scraped down two opposing sides with a razor blade and then dip them in the rooting powder and stuck them in the cubes which already had some rooting powder in them as well and had also been soaked in a weak rooting powder and bloom mix

I left that same mix in the bottom of the propagation tray which was heated to 80 degrees and the results are awesome ! :slight_smile:


A little more clone porn! :wink:


ILGM WW’s, 9 days old


More 5 day old clones…

Actually I thought I took these Wednesday nite but that can’t be possible, can it ?

Look at these Super Cheese roots already !?

I was surprised to see these so fast !


I just linked to this in another thread and realized I may not be clear, I keep about a quarter inch of the rapid Rooter in water,

I keep a liquid rooting solution always in my tray, the rapid rooters are always in water
(I don’t bother with an air stone in tray, it doesn’t need it)…sorry if I wasnt clear before


You know, I was wondering what happened with this thread. Did you finish it off somewhere else?

This was back before my move so I had forgotten about it…

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No I guess it just faded away …maybe this will get it a bounce

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Well then what ever happened with those beautifully rooted clones?