Clones are actually growing

Good morning ILGM! During my last (first) grow I read somewhere that if you take clones from a plant 3 weeks into flower that you’ll wind up with super bushy monster plants? So I figured what do I have to loose. I only have 1 grow area so I took a cabinet in the garage and placed a couple cfls in it, took the cuttings and placed in a humidity dome. Watered as necessary and pretty much didn’t expect anything to happen. After about 4 weeks I saw root growth, I was surprised they made it after looking like nothing was happening at all for 4 weeks. Once my Scrog wrapped up I transplanted and moved to the grow room. I have not topped or anything, just letting them grow naturally and the diesel was getting tall so I had to flip to 12/12. The strawberry is the shorter but that’s exactly how it was on the initial grow from seed. They are 8 days on 12/12 and not looking too bad considering I’m not putting too much effort into these, just watering, feeding and letting them do their thing. Thanks again for all the info on here and everyone’s that’s been answering my questions as issues arise. I learned a lot on the last grow and more importantly learned a lot of what not to do…



@Ntense, I like your clones. I take mine at two weeks into flower
here is a pic

There 17 of them and another 19 right behind them.
I just got done doing 5 generations of white widows.

Well anyway I’m glad you have learned from all of us here at ILGM. And we all hope that you keep coming back.

B Safe