4x4 tent setup and LIGHTS for granddaddy purple autoflower

I’ve been trying to resist but I might just pull the trigger and try my hand at growing inside.
I just ordered some granddaddy purple autoflower seeds. I’ve only grown outdoors and battle mold here in Virginia.
How many of these autoflower plants can I grow in a 4x4 tent? I’m thinking four.
I dont have much room so I’ll keep it to a small 4x4 tent. I see them on Amazon. Anyone have any complaints on certain tents?
Now as far as lights… I dont want to go crazy and buy the best most expensive lights on the market but I dont want something thats going to let me down. Suggestions?? What to avoid??



I can’t speak more highly of Green Beams lights. Small American company, they make 2 models, a 240 watt and a 480. I have two of the 240s. Those cost $179 +17 shipping and arrived in a few days. They include an extension cable so the drivers can be outside the tent. @Graysin has some GB lights too and put me onto the brand.

4 will be very comfortable in a 4x4.

Good luck on your upcoming grow!


Good Morning :smiley:. I purchased a Vivosun 4X4X80 tent. I am very happy with it. :blush::v:


i HAVE THE vivosun 48X48X80 TENT KIT. The 6"inch inline fan is too noisy for my sanity.
The AC-Infinity Cloudline 67 with 6 inch inline fan (T6 is the answer, for my grow). Quietly controllable with Bluetooth. Haven’t employed the filter in my system (exhausting into atic). A pair of T6 inline fans utilized for two tent ventilation (Apollo and Vivosun). The Vivosun 6inch inline fan is now a spare piece of hardware, back-up.


Welcome to the community , 4x4 space is a good size for indoor grow . I feel like 4 plants is a good fit autos or photo plants. Good luck

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AC Infinity is becoming a complete one stop shop for equipment and accessories.
Their inline fans are probably the most referred fan on this forum. Their tents are highly regarded and it now offers lights with excellent components.


Same here. As soon as I can get around to expanding (hahaha) I’ll be adding a 480 model to my setup. I believe @SynysterChris is also using one now - my recollection of his feedback was it ran way colder than the other led he was using and it puts out 2x more power.

Not really. I have 2 vivosun and 1 ac infinity. The AC is much more well made and the zippers don’t stick. I retired the 2 Vivosun but still use my AC.

Green-beams(dot)com - check it out, seriously. They rival Horticulture Lighting Group lights for a lower cost.

Second “cheap but good” is KingBrite - you can only get them on Alibaba which feels sketchy at best, but they’re also great lights.


I definitely support any recommendation on greenbeams. I’m in awe, I got their big one the 480w, and it’s barely warm. Its currently lighting 4x7ish room with 9 plants, and they get pissed off if I turn it up over 10% power. Just the other day switched to flower schedule, but truly I’m confident it’s more than enough.
They also have drivers on cords so the driver can be outside a tent, but honestly it’s hardly even necessary the driver also runs just warm lol.
I was all worried about it at first, I wanted to put the driver on a wall but thought it would get hot so I didn’t,
Totally could have lol.


@jabrone I’ll throw my 2 cents in, lights im a HLG guy but have been looking at the green beams and maybe going to try but on tents I don’t have a lot & so I bout a Jazzy 4x4 tent. It was around 80 $, i ok n Amazon. I have a spider farm tent, 27x27 and it is made better then my 4x4 but have had no problems growing autos and photo in that tent. And it’s half of what u will pay for an A/C or gorilla tent


I have a Ouplent tent off of Amazon its pretty cheap but quality is pretty good i have only growed auto’s and it doing fine

The AC Infinity 4x4 is a GREAT tent! You can unzip and open 3 sides if need be(flap gets heavy and after 2 sides pretty unwieldy), plenty of small and large ports, a quick access door and vents and observation windows. It’s also a much heavier material than the Spider Farmer tent I started with in a kit.
The AC ventilation products are top notch too! That’s where they started in business and they do it well.

HLG is the undisputed leader in the highest quality grow lights. The Scorpion Diablo or the new R-Spec Diablo FR would be top of the line choices, or go with 2 smaller 350R’s if you want a little more flexibility for raising and lowering lights on a per plant basis. I tent to think they work better at the same height so i went with the Diablo myself and the 350R in my 2x4.
There are plenty of discount codes available and if you’re ex-military I think you can get a full 25% off - but don’t quote me on that.

There’s plenty of up and coming competitors that make good lights though if you want to spend less, but by the numbers none can compare to the HLG lines.

Best of luck to you!

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4x4= 4, 5 gal pots
3x3= 3, 5 gallon pots
2.3x2.3= 2 5 gallon pots (MAX)

I have 4 5 gallon in my 3x3 now and they are starting to step on eachother.

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I have to agree with you on the noisy inline fan. I am saving up for a 6”ac infinity. I didn’t buy the tent as a kit. I on purpose bought the noisy fan :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:. :blush::v:

I’m on my first grow but upgraded to an HLG 550 V2 rspec and omg! It is so well built and has brought my girls to life. Super amazing company, they actually shipped within 2 hrs of ordering and was on a holiday weekend on a Friday a few hours before they closed. Also they give us vets 25% off which was amazing on top of getting a refurbished model.

Well… 4 is perfect for a 4x4. Unless you like a challenge you can always stuff 8 in there :man_facepalming::rofl::call_me_hand:

As far as tents , yeah AC infinity make great ones. I have ebay cheapies coz spent all my dough on lighting and a whole heap of other :poop:


So you upgraded…from which lights? Was there anything wrong with that other light?

The HLG looks impressive but DAMN that price is up there!!!
Green Beam definitely cheaper but what are you giving up?
Spider right on the middle.
I want my plants to do well but how much better they going to do with a $1500 light versus a $300 light?


GB uses the “old” Samsung 301B Diode instead of the “new” Samsung 301H diode that HLG uses. That’s the biggest difference I noted when I was staring at the specs.

Spiderfarmer is, respectfully, hot garbage. I would not pay money for their lights. If one happened to find it’s way into my home, I would find a way to plug it in, but I would not go out of my way for one. @SilvaBack203 used SF lights and ditched it in favor of an HLG.

Potentially significantly, if we’re talking about 4 plants in a 4x4. I haven’t found a $300 light that will actually light a 4x4 yet. $350-400, sometimes, but definitely not sub-300. figure your plants need a minimum of 30w per square foot - 16 square feet in a 4x4. 480 watts would be my bare minimum acceptable to adequately light a 4x4 with quality lights.


Exactly this :point_up:.
You don’t need the light I have. They have more cost effective offerings. Especially in the refurb section of their site.
As @Graysin and @Fiz mentioned. Give the Green Beams a look. If they’re recommending it then it’s 100 brother!


Thanks! Really, they are solid, well built lights. I was very impressed while Unboxing, and the performance has been spot on. 480 watts in the 3x3 and my temperatures have not gone above 83 degrees on a day close to 100 here. My grow room is a bedroom upstairs in my house, and I have the heat/ac register closed.