4x4 tent. 1000w or bust?

I have some what of an adviser that I know that will answer all my questions thats been growing for years. I am trying to put together my 1st indoor set up. We has told me for my 4x4 that it’s 1000 watts or bust. I’m going to go with an HID set up for lack of money and temperature issues in my basement. The HID will help me get a warmer temp. It can get quite cold down there. Anyway what is everyone else’s opinion on this?


Im no pro I grow with LED’s someone else may stop by that can better answer your questions but my opinion would be with a little research is the 600 w should cover a 4x4 footprint the 1000w should cover a 5x5 or around those specs depending on what set up your running the main thing I would be worried about is height restriction if you have a ton of head room I would go with the 1000 w for sure just in case I would need to raise it up extra if you have limited height then Maybe the 600w would be better, me being me ide always go bigger
/not 100% on the specs I mentioned above


Before I upgraded I was running a 600 watt hid in a 2x4 so yes I would get 1000 watt. And as far as heat, it should do great. The reason I no longer use it is the heat it put off.

630w cmh

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For reference I will only be able to to have a 78in tall tent. That’s all my basement will allow.

Most modern 1000 watt ballasts these days are dimmable to 600 and 750 watts as well so you can adjust as needed and yes it would be fine in a 4x4. If it’s cold in the basement, may need a heater for the dark hours.


I also use a basement space, 4x4 tent.
Two HLG 260 v2 R-Spec XL Winter grow will need to supplement a little heat in the area you’re pulling the fresh air from. During lights off As @Hellraiser mentioned summer grow no problem. Just my thoughts good luck