High bay lights

I’m a electrician, so I have a couple highbay lights laying around ( I could make some wing reflectors out of some sheet metal), with about a dozen 1000W high pressure sodium and metal halide lamps laying around .Can I use these or are they too bright.

1000 watt HID is fine for a 16-20 square foot space. You need an air-cooled reflector, though. I also recommend using a dimmable ballast for those times when you want to run less power.

High bay lighting is definitely workable. If you can find a cri rating and the higher the better. If it has too much blue, it won’t flower as well.

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16x20 sqft space LOL,I have a 4x4x80 grow tent. I’m getting 2 x HLG 260W XL QB V2 Rspec LED grow light this week ,Just thought I could use them part time. these are construction lights(1000W lamps with 400W ballast ) .I put them up in the back yard in the summer for Drunk night volleyball. And my closest neighbor calls the cops every time because they are so bright. Guess I will put them back on the shelf , I forgot about the amount of heat that comes off of these lights.

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Actually, what I said was “16-20 square foot.”
Your 4x4 tent is 16 square feet. A single 1000 watt bulb in an air-cooled reflector will do fine in that space.

So If I can get adequate cooling ,I could throw this up during flowering with the high pressure sodium

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Yep. I run 1000 watt HID fixtures in two of my 4x4 tents. Depending on what’s going in there (e.g. plants that are just transitioning to flower) sometimes I dim them down to 750 watts for a week or two.


Yep you could.