4 week old Bruce Banner Autos

Hi everyone!

This is our second grow and we decided on autos this time for winter. We have 4 Bruce Banner plants we started on Dec 1st. One month in and all 4 plants are ranging in sizes, one is stretching, one has leaves the bigger than my boyfriends hand and its just such a variety.

Since we are new to autos just want an opinion on how they are looking for their age and also thoughts on trimming and topping. I have read mixed reviews on doing both with autos. Thanks!


The ladies look great. All of these plants grow as they want. Doesn’t matter if auto or photo, each one will be different.
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2 in back are starting to flower dont top.
Better look they all are starting to flower


Plants all look great! Unless I’m seeing things it looks like they are starting to flower though so I wouldn’t do any topping. If the height starts getting out of control you can supercrop them, which is just gently bending tall colas to a 90 or so and tie them there so that rest of canopy can catch up. Good luck and happy growing!
Edit: you could maybe clear some of lower fan leaves for air flow but all around looks good!


To late to top for sure. They’ll likely start stretching the next couple weeks. I’d just leave them alone for now, and maybe take a few leaves covering buds sites when it becomes apparent.

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Looking great.

I fim, trim, and top my autos like they’re photos, except about a week earlier than anyone suggests in order to beat the internal timer.

Based on the buds forming on those ladies, I wouldn’t top them now, you’ll just be sacrificing yield I think.

As far as trimming, feel free to remove fan leaves as needed - anywhere they overlap, rub, or perspire (leave moisture patches between the leaves), I would get rid of em. Otherwise, let them be. More leaves = more energy = more better. :100::v:

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Personally, I’d try some light LST just to separate the branches a bit to get more air movement and more ight into the center the of the plant. Try bending the top branches outwards and down a bit and secure them level with the lower branches, if you can.

Plants look great! Good job so far!

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