Bruce banner auto

My auto bruce banners are 20 days old from sprout im using fox farm ocean soil just started lst , but they seem a bit short to me i think might have been overwatering early on , my first grow here . Am i looking okay or did i possibly stunt em .

They look a bit stunted, don’t lst them they arnt healthy enough. Let them grow.
How big are those pots? Can be hard to tell with different size of pots.

I’m new at this but LST does seem a little early. I think you’ve got a few weeks before you do that. Let the girls grow and stretch a little.

There 4 gallon pots

Yeah, small but doable.

Check your variables /environment

Thanks Nicky, im learning as i go on this one keeping notes daily lighting was lil shy as well first 2 weeks but upgraded last week . I’ll post again next week .

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Autos are picky that’s why so many don’t like them, you need to be dialed in to get a good fast yeild. Some don’t like this as it’s a steep learning curve but it forces you to dial it in really well.

It’s a blessing and a curse but once you can grow an auto good a photo is easy.
Many who grow photos have no experience or can’t grow autos well.

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I for 1 growns 100s of photos…0 autos…


@Nicky this girl in front will be 4 weeks old tomorrow the other 3 are 3 days behind .
Its so compact i can barely do any lst , will they start stretching ? My light is hlg 260w and i have 2 knock off Amazon lights at 125w each all about 20 inches above canopy .

You can raise your lights for a bit to get them to stretch. I am growing 4x sour diesel and mine stayed short and compact.

I raised my lights to 30” and after a week they have started to stretch. I also lowered the brightness level to 35% from 50%ish. Our lights aren’t the same, so can’t give you exact measurements of what to do, but raising them up to 30” would be my first step.

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@OhHeyThere thanks for input they’ve really taken off in the last week just wanting to get a lil more height from em , i was thinking of raising light at least another 6" to see if would help but my first grow here so i didn’t wanna screw em up ,

look a lil thirsty to me u got purples i doubt your loght streessin em look waterless and soil looks dry
Edit seen u got a 260 hlg. Try raising ut yp so it dosnt stay so squat keep intensity tho either lower intensity and keep height or raise height and keep intensity 3 light on 4 plants could stess em a lil oooor it could be drying ur soil fast try s lil more water the bigger they get the nore they drink u can almost water to rhn off now looks like ur doing drip edge if leaves still try soaking her or them or 1 and not the others and see if ut helps or hurts but id def get some liquid in there

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I also see u got 1 plastic pot and 3 fabrics the favrics look droopier which would lead me to think thristy because fabs tend to help with over watering as the dry faster but the platic one looks a lllliiillll more erect …or am i seein stuff

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@fano_man youare not seeing things , i did go with 1 plastic pot . I raised my light yesterday kept same intensity, early on i know i was overwatering seedlings. Ive been watering when top layer of soil dries good about every 2 days . The fabric pots are 4 gallon and plastic is 3_1/2. .
About 32oz per plant

Also the one in plastic pot i topped it seems she is responding very well to it , why it looks perky i think.

Your lighting is to intense for veg so they arnt growing up, although they will in stretch

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Thanks , i raised it up about 8" .
Im still learning here.

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These 3 are 4 weeks old from sprout yesterday , raised my lighting last week can see some stretching the one that looks tallest is only one i topped it is showing pistils , everything i read says not to top autos but it seems to be doing excellent. @Nicky i increased my water amount as well . Any input or pointers is much appreciated from anyone. @fano_man

You can FIM them, or top them once. Your lighting could be backed off a bit. Your plants are really bushy and ideally you want a bit more stretch to get more of a plant.