4 feet high plants

A question of a fellow grower:
I have an outdoor grow is it possible to keep my plants about 4 feet high ?

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Hi and welcome to the forum. You can keep a plants height down a few different ways. You can top them and repeat as it grows or what they call femming and there is LST Low Stress Training. Which is basically manipulation of the plant it self. Join the forum and have tons of knowledge at you figure tips… Lots of fellow growers ready to help you out if u need it. good luck with your grow!


You can also try growing autoflowering strains. They usually don’t get much taller than 4ft

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Here a good read scrogging works great to keep plant hieght in check
especially outdoors i had a 1 plant last season
That filled a6x4 screen woohoo
Join the forum so we can assist as needed
Happy growing
Here a picture i found of her


Well there ya go @Countryboyjvd1971 … hell even I should have known that!