4'' fan fell on the top of her (help)

a 4’’ fan fell on her today any suggestions ?



Did it break anyhting ?? :tumbler_glass:

What strain is it many of them are very resilient give her a week, then check back

4 inch fan isn’t so bad. Will be fine.

I dropped a charcoal filter on mine before. Taped breaks back and was good to go.
If it just bent over that’s fine. If it snapped tape it and it will be fine.

Oh. The fan should be ok also !!!

I’m with the others. I’ve dropped stuff on young plants before and was convinced I killed them. Unless you snap them completely in half at the base they usually come back just fine and often do so even stronger.

From what I see maybe the one side

White widow

Wouldn’t worry they are very resilient

Lol :joy: Right on :+1:t3:

Ok awesome thanks for ur feedback :+1:t3:

Look up supercroping, you get to try it for "free ".

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We are all stoners man… shit drops, plants spill, water leaks… weeds are pretty hardy nine the less… good luck


I broke a really pretty cola about 2 weeks into flowering, taped it up for a few days and it is now my biggest cola

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Dude, I just went into my tent and purposely broke many branches. Let’s see what happens :+1: :+1: :tumbler_glass: :v:


Supercropping :slight_smile:

I did the charcoal filter thing and tried to catch it. Caused carnage, I felt like a stampeding rhino :joy:. They recovered no problem :sunglasses:

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Pretty much. Not a big deal :v: