Quick , HELP?! Not my baby!


So my fan swan dived into the middle of my prettiest girl :frowning:
I put er back on a 18/6 diet what else do i do?

They’re resilient plants. Let’s see if @MrPeat, @Covertgrower @SKORPION have some suggestions. Take a few pictures of the area in natural light, and do you have broken branches? You made need some scotch tape…let’s see what they say.

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you can use tape on broken branches, but as long as the cambium layer is still connected it will draw water. Any material totally broken off is obviously done for. The plant will continue just as if it had a hard pruning, dont sweat it.

@Zee didn’t you drop a fan on yours too? Time for some advanced redneck technology @Enlightened420. I say that because I saw that comment about a broken stem and they used a clothes pin to hold it together.

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Mend broken branches with honey and electrical tape. If it’s completely snapped add bracing too. I’ve reattached quite a few branches in my time.
No need to go back to 18/6.
Just fix what you can and let her do her thing.

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Everything but a fan…lol. I remember that post, but wasn’t me.

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I just dropped an ac unit on one of mine. Broke out the duct tape, popcicle sticks and honey and 10 days later you cant tell at all… except for the whole duct tape and popcicle sticks thing.

Drinkslinger has got you covered.
Honey, brace, then tape and patience for recovery

That’s about all you can do. A lot of times if a branch is still partially attached it still stands a chance. Other option is to clone it. Although it looks pretty far along in flower, it might make it.

So what if i accidentally snapped a branch off and so i dipped the branch in a bunch of “take root” powder, planted in soil and then watered the branch with a happy helping of water/take root