4-5 Week Old White Widow Auto died unexpectedly 4 or 5 weeks in

I couldn’t tell what kind you have? Your nutrition. How do you like it? I use ff. But I use a lot of other things also. I see a lot of people use jacks. I wanted to know if using nutrients like that change the way the bud smokes. Some of the stuff is pricy.

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@Eagles009 i am forever grateful for you and wish i could send you the money i am going to save if this works. LOl i only say if as i just mixed all 3 gal yesterday. So can i be honest … @Nicky up until yesterday . I would feed my girls the same style of food ok. One day is Spring water or RO if i have it and unsulfured molasses. Then on feeding days i only would but for example 2 scoops i tablespoon of fert and 4 of Bloom which is alot. I have switched off watering nute and fet day then the other water day like i said water molasses and i have been doing it until i used fox farm book when in veg lol i didnt kno i could you bloom so i have some left for my next grow for germinating. I read you can do this. I was so carful not to kill my meds because i need them the store is way to much and i cant afford =( so i lost one and posted this post… I need help as i am this far in the pics you can see. Werre do i super feed next? and what… idk i looked at the chart and didnt follow because idk where i am 4 weeks flower 5 also i didnt do my meter =( but i did for the very first time ever get my ph perfect and fuess what my ppm was prefect guess how

I filled up i gal ro water and then empty with mixing new nutes not FOX farm that is 18 bucks a pint but this powder that looks like i wont say all the drugs mixed in perfect and i used in 1 gal 6 grams? And i have 3 lbs of stuff to make and used 6 grams for a feeding for all 3 plants lol i was able to mix and mix more water more and more and got about 3 gals to get my ppm perfect. This took me guess how long? All day like 12 afternoon till 10 . I was having a bad day so i lit would work on this a little at a time. Was depressed right well by 10 pm i know it needed to be done as the leaves are going down a little well ill check today and if you wana see how this new cheappppppppp not cheap product ut $$$$ saving wise yes lol i live my friends here i have made you have saved me money and have saved my MEDS from not all dying. I am sorry if its bad to rant like this in a forums.
Thanks friends
@Oheeeoh @CMichGrower @Hemp @Covertgrower @Four20 i tagged anyone that has been part in some way lol hope thats ok too

So easy answer is idk how old my plants is to the chart i germinated in Jan 1st.
I had 2 Whites widows and have 1 now and 2 SourGirls.
The nutes is bloom then big bud and tiger . Not sure whicch you asked so hope i got on eright lol


Your using jacks now. You don’t need that chart. Make sure you do your 1.2 and 3.6. shake the hell out of it. Before you add the 2.4.
Then check ph.
Adjust if needed. Water.

And you’re welcome buddy. I enjoy doing this. You harvesting some dank nugs is all the thanks I want or need.


So i mix in a little hot water so npo chunks … dude this is clear and a amber color bo yucky chunky bat poo locking BLOOM lol. My wife is tired of me talking about you, she said thank you she now knows we have a 100 years supply for the same price as 1 pint of FOX lol. Love it man. It really did take me so much my meds kept me from working on them. Started at 12 ended at 10 pm lol yes that is all day, going through some stuff. The only thing i could think of was getting home to tend to my babies. My babies that in some states that you cant nvm lets not go down that road. So wait… no chart? so next watering is in i say 2 days they get thristy more. Remember i asked about water and how long, i felt and said one more day and moist reader was leaning red but still middle. Leaves above in those pics started going down. lol Thanks for reminding me ill take a pic with my green lamp. My daughter has seen me wearing it… Yeah i wont let you know what i made up lol pics of green head lap to come… How do i know at next feeding how much or its just always the same… If so i want to kiss you ?NO chunks type up there

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Lol don’t go making the wife jealous :yum:

So in two days you will just use tap water / cal mag / molasses or whatever your doing on non-feed days.

Then in two days you will water with the jacks again. Rinse and repeat. Simple!

Always watch your plants and make sure they are reacting properly. You can always skip a feed or feed twice in a row if plant asks for it. But feed water feed water usually the ticket.

That 321 formula. Most here use 3.6 2.4 1.2. is literally seed to harvest. Never changes. Now don’t go feeding a seedling in hot soil. The seedling part only applies to hydro and coco. Nuteless mediums. In say fox farm. You would start full strength jacks when cotes yellow. Or ppms say soil is depleted.

Lol, I had one plant years ago when my daughter was like 2 or 3. She always followed me around so she knew about the plant. I told her it was a tomato plant. I swear, she’s like 5 or 6 and looks at me and goes “dad, how come we never got any tomato’s?” I was confused…then died laughing when I figured out what she was talking about. She’s not privy to the current situation.

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My friend your ok. It happens to the best of us. Me also a few months ago. Look I’ll tell you like I tell everyone. Myself I mess up. Don’t let it get you down. It will get better. Remember your mistakes. Your girls look great. Peace my friend

Lol. Dank nuggets. I love it. I like how people call it loud. It’s dank not loud. Lol

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Haha that’s what the dude I was buying from before growing would call everything…loud. or gas. Sell me some fruity ass bud and call it gas. Felt like the professor buying from the student’s kid.

Growing up everything was KB if it was dank :wink:

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Yeah sometimes they call that stuff gas can you get it home and smokes like gas . You got to let the new guys have it their way sometimes. Underwear has come along way. Lol

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Shoot i did a shot of cal in the too. Im noticing little yellow speckles more then before. Check these out, i scared my daughter coming out of my room lol.

Dang it i forgot again lol here are the pictures from this morning, 20 more minutes until lights on.
@Nicky @Eagles009 @Oheeeoh -So yesterday was the most accurate feeding with thanks to @Eagles009 not only did i save a lot of money on my car insurance but i saved on nutrients mixing water with three ingredients lol
Ok i got a goal for everyone to help me with. I have 3 autos of SourGril and 3 Autos of white widows. I loveeee White widow as a classic. So when i was diagnosed with PTSD and the doctors had me left and right testing medicines that made me feel like a zombi. Well now i take 2 pills and smoke my medicine. I need some home remedy strains for my next grow after i use my seeds. I need 2 STRAINS . Ok so i n need them to be Strong, i want to get a feminized and not Auto. I want to play around and have 4 or 6 going in a 4x4 for the 3rd grow. My next grow i want to mix my own soil i have no clue how. I got some from the store Blueberry Cheese cake and that helped my stomach issues but it was a sativa id like to have a strong Indica for night to pass me out and a night really high super lemon skunk was a favorite in the day. I like Blueberry isnt that INDY or Bubble Gum omg So what about no too much for seeds (2 Strains) lol
@Four20 @CMichGrower @Covertgrower

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I’ve smoked probably 20 different strains from dispensaries, and the only one that really made me sleepy was “Black Afghan”. I bought 2 quarters over a year ago, smoked one and haven’t even opened the second one.

I don’t use cannabis to help me sleep.

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Also Anyone , i have to go on a business trip, could be 3 days or 10 . Any Advice i can give my wife lol @Oheeeoh @CMichGrower @Eagles009

Less is more. Our plants are tough and can take neglect better than they can take abuse. :smiley:

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Ok i might have to look, see i would like to grow each strain for each thing it could/would help.
1 Stomach Blueberry Chesscake from a Store near me but the cost woukd have 0000 to the East to the West of the USA ,
Other then that i like a really strong daytime smoke sativa.
I would then i just had Black Dimond and thats a ice nice sweet flower but no out. I have Distsy and shatter to make my carts =)
I cant remember in the day bubblegum or i would like to see if i can find bluebublegum lol

If you use an AutoPot you can go away for ten days and leave your wife out of it. Since you didn’t start with an AutoPot you can get their Easy 2 Go system. You’ll also need a tray large enough to hold all your plants, I bought something that goes under a washing machine, and a water reservoir large enough to hold water for ten days.

AutoPot sells water reservoirs from 6 gallons to 265 gallons.

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Enjoy the jacks. Sorry I’m in trim jail for a week lol

So i had to go away for 5 days of business =(. Had my wife check everyday and then she noticed two days ago browns and dry i fed but they mes of been thirsty lol. I had her trim and water lightly and i am feeding full now. Should i feed with Ferts FoxFarm still full blast 5 wks in flower i think? I am a littler scared but they look okay i just took these? @Nicky @Eagles009 @Oheeeoh @

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I don’t see anything to be overly concerned with. Once they flower for a few weeks the pretty leaves start to get robbed for flower food.

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Thank you, she didnt take a pic but she does say it s was overlay BROWN like she was afraid as it looked dead. I only see the ends of the leaves but i missed the flowering pretty colors ? I am goin to fead them up a full feed with fert and everything tomorrow since she damped them with just spring water. Thats all i could think and to google lol

I have to return the microscop lol the LED stopped working. I Fed at 6 weeks flower idk if it was right. Started Jan 1st and messaged the company flower was 8ish i think so 7 8 done?