4-5 Week Old White Widow Auto died unexpectedly 4 or 5 weeks in

Most people flush for 1-2 weeks at the end if you want a cleaner-tasting smoke. The flush at the end forces the plant to use the nutrients in the leaves so the nutrients don’t alter the taste of your buds.

That’s how it’s supposed to work anyway. If you think you’ll be chopping in 2 weeks based on the trichomes, then just feed water from here on out. The plants will start to look bad at the end but that’s normal.

Oh no i just used the ferts and grow big like the chart said. Ill just flush with water and unsulfured molasses for now on. So i cant check tris anymore the led broke on the cheap one i got lol

This is from my phone, not sure what to do about the microsop. If i should get another or what. I gotta hurry with these because. I get one more grow before newbie to the family. Next is 3 sourgirls and 3 whitows .
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Hard to see brother. Looks pretty cloudy. Maybe half clear half cloudy on a lot. You have a loupe? Get one next day or same day on Amazon for less than 10 bucks. If nothing else it’ll be a backup for the next scope. Or convenient for a quick look.


You’re right. I will grab another cheap borrowing lol. I will only be using water and molasis. The chart @Nicky provided show to add more fert and what not.

Which cart?

The FoxFarm feeding chart. I just watered at 6 weeks after flower. Estimating, should i now just use water until the next two weeks or sooner when finished.

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Also switched to 12 12 lights as it was getting to hot 82 83, with lights on all but 6 hours

Yeah 79 is ideal temp

If your in soil then do a slurry sample. If your in coco after two straight waterings with 20% run off then you can feed again ussualy

Also watch for tip burn, soil takes a while to build up excessive nutrients but this is why reading ppm in and out is do important (unless you run autopots)

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This is the second time someone stated auto pot. I think i will next grow. I just flushed a week before.

Well lets see if this microscope lasts longer then 2 weeks.
Pretty sure i was able to capture the buds and not sug leaf but we shall see.


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What type of high so you want?

The first thing we look for is the shape of everything does it have a mushroom head on the top of the tricomb? That’s good, the more developed the mushroom head the better, if you notice some with tiny to no mushroom head it means that they are still growing.

Then we look for the clear / cloudy /amber ratio
When looking for Amber look at the head as well as the stock of the tricombs.
Your plants are just starting to get a tiny fleck of Amber.


You are awesome, so i like both indica and sativa. I got Sourgirl due to the Sativa and white widow indica. I learned i transplanted the autos and stunted one. That can be a hybrid as there will not be much =(. The Sourgirl is very tall and lengthy like Sour D. Widow was a classic i wanted and the Buds are looking amazing. I am afraid to start the curing process ass i have heard all horror stories wth humidity and all. The sooner i am done the sooner i can start the next 6 plants as i am not going t get the weight i thought. Not bad my first grow so far though

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@Eagles009 Hope all has been well bud! I forget if we spoke about a new light for my 4 x 4 x 7 or 8 tent. I have 1 now but didnt know if i should ust get one light or add another. Got one more grow before the new one comes

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Curring is scary at first but it’s actually simple, there is a new product on the market this tmkses it flawless. Buy some Grove Bags, they automatically vent the humidty perfectly. Just make sure you dry them as slow as possible, this means don’t trim down to tiny buds until after drying and instead kepe it branch by branch more stem = more water which means longer drying.
The ideal thing is to to use a grow tent as a dark dry chamber which you have fans in that circuit the air around but the exhaust fan is controlled by a controller which you set to 60%RH.

If your okay waiting and don’t mind an indica effect I would tell you to wait until close to 50% tricombs are Amber, this will give you the highest potency and give you a good indica feel as well as giving your tricombs as much time to mature as possible.
Once you think your 2 weeks before harvest I would drop your new seeds.
Soak em for 24hr in hydrogen peroxide /water mix, then transfer them to a paper towel that is damp with the mix, ziplock it and wait another day maybe two or three while tails pop. You don’t want to soak your seeds for more than 24hr as it can deprive them of oxygen and kill them even if tails sprout.

Find a warm spot, a cheap heat mat with controller is ideal! Save you a ton of money on seeds in the future.
Also best place to put those seeds once they have tails? Nursery bags, fill them with your medium. They can be transplanted right into these little bags then into final pots without any shock as the roots grow right through them. It’s easier to control mosture in smaller containers early on.

This is by far the best method out there and a couple of use use it who have tried rapid rooters, jiffy pucks, solo cups etc.

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OMG you are a legend, thank you! So from those pictures of the tris would you say im almost 2 weeks out? Wow i didnt know to do all that with germinating. I am a little disappointed in the quantity so far but this next grow i want to not stunt and LST asap lol

Hey brother, I’m good!

Nicky had a lot of great advice here for ya. Agree with everything stated. I’m not a fan of much progression to amber but that’s just a taste thing, you’ll find what you like.

I believe we did talk about lights before. I think if your sticking with one tent adding a light made sense.

You’d have to remind me what you have now


Thanks to both of you for the kind words, still trying to give some help here and there u’ve been a bit Mia trying to get my own stuff sorted.

It’s hard to say what week your left, plants mature differently. This is one of many reasons I don’t flush. I feed my plants until they are looking good then they go into darkness for 48hr followed by a chop.

If you want to learn more about this here is a bit more:

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