4-5 Week Old White Widow Auto died unexpectedly 4 or 5 weeks in

Its the J1500i think. yes we did come to the sense its cheaper at this point to add a light.

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Not getting anything on google for “j1500.” For the addition I would give a hard look at kingbrite on alibaba. Look at the new v4 boards for a couple bucks more with the cree reds and lg uv diodes. I don’t even need a light and have one sitting in my cart for a week now. The wife might kill me or that sucker would be on the way.


I was off lol, i will go with the other if you are suggesting it as you guys are awesome

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?Would you also get some of those digital things for the mason jars

Yeah man, add a 240 watt kingbrite qb. Haggle with them through message about the March shipping deal. 200 bucks to your door. Cover half your tent real nice. The other half will be slightly lacking with the p1500 but it’ll do. Throw another kingbrite 240 in when you can or not you’ll get by ok.

It is a 4x4 tent right?

Yup, 4 x 4 x i think 7 or 6 . Ill grab one now, i always switch the plants around the tent too.

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Alibaba is like a minefield. Make sure it’s “kingbrite” they have 240 watt QB options from 100-180. You want the top end one if you can swing it. You should be able to get 40 bucks off shipping through message.

Message the merchant, kingbrite, not alibaba

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So yeah this place is cool but everywhere , what about this one? This place is a maze haha/

That’s gonna be a replacement size not an addition size. I’ll take a picture of the one you want. Delete that link, not allowed :wink:

Huh bad links? I mean if thats 228 and all i need ill take it lol. I will follow your lead, i didnt know about putting links here

Problem is other brands on there may be junk. Best to stick with someone reputable.



Awesome i can see a number or vendor to relate it to. Im going to make a account with them now

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I have the 3000k in my cart because it was going to be solely flower light. I’m not 100percent which you want for full cycle. I’d let @nicky or @dbrn32 comment

Probably 3500.

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Light intensity is the most important factor but morphological changes happen with different spectrums of lights.
Seed to harvest 3500k is ideal, flower 3k and veg 4k +

If your going to get some lights put the reds in there at the very least they help come flower.

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I usually buy 3000k or 3500k

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Also I wouldn’t even buy the digital hydrometers and just use the grove bags from my understanding thry are solid. Save some money.

I mean you should have a Bluetooth one or two in your tent that charts and can be calibrated but from what I’m understanding from the grove bags and experienced growers is that there is no more need to by jars, meters, humidty packs.
Just dry it and toss it in the bag boom good to go.

@dbrn32 and @Nicky

I currently have one light. Next grow is going to have double the flowers. I was going to get another light for the other side of the 4 x 4 tent. Best value I’ll jump and get today. I got 200 bucks from the wife to use.

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I don’t have any experience with the kingbrite boards, but the others posting here seem to be pretty happy with them. For $200 one of the qb copies is probably going to be your best bet. Whether you go with kingbrite or not, just make sure you purchase from someone reputable. May cost couple extra bucks, but you want to be sure that you’re getting what seller is advertising.


Thanks for that, im very green to the sites. I was hoping to get it from Amazon or the manufactures site / distribution

Ok @dbrn32 @Eagles009 @Nicky
Found it , this is the same user @Eagles009 you spoke about.

Ordering now! but which should i get as in the picture below it has two options.

Thanks for all the help guys


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