4 1/2 weeks into first grow, nute questions and am I seeing pistels?

I’m 4 1/2 weeks in on my first grow. I have 2 amnesia haze autos in a 32”x32”.
The larger of the 2 plants has had this verigation on every set of true leaves since the first and seems happy in every way since the beginning.

I’ve been following the high frequency fertigation method from cocoforcannabis but u using Jacks 321 rather than GH or another liquid base. I do feed a light dose of armor si silica (1/4 tsp/gal).
I’m currently at a 1270 EC and that is backing off from over 1400 I started at around 600 and just slowly increased in about 100 increments. Up to 1.3, I was getting runoff EC that was below my input, (a few hundred) for over a week. So I decided to increase the strength of the Jacks. At 1/2 strength it was around 1280. I went up to about 1470 and my runoff EC went way up to 2000-2200, so now I’m dropping every 2 days, feeding an extra time and I fertigate usually 2x each feeding cause I’m trying to get my runoff EC to be under 300 higher than my input.
So my big questions are: how do I know if my plant want stronger jacks w/o hurting them?
(BTW, using RO water from store. Have a catalytic carbon filter on the way.) I’m guessing back here at 1/2 strength should stabilize my EC in a day or 2, but at what point should I attempt (or should I not?) to increase my Strength and raise my input? Should I only increase if I start getting lower runoff than input?

And is this leaf verigation- which has been on every set of leaves since the first set of true leaves a problem? And are these pre flowers?

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I don’t see pre flower yet…and although I’m outdoor I do my seedlings indoor for a few weeks…I get that variegation thing too sometimes I wouldn’t worry too much about it if they look healthy otherwise.


Agreed with above. Don’t see any pistils yet. Autos are different than photos in that, when you see pistils on a photo, it’s most likely just showing that it is female and not actually flowering. When you see pistils on an auto, get ready, because they’re about to go into flower.

Lookin good growmie!


I wouldnt worry about the leave blemishes. Mother nature aint perfect and neither will our plants :rofl::rofl: i get weird crap all the time, but they are in veg and are like caffine crazed preteens playing video games… heres one that been funky since it popped its head above ground. T connection by Nerds Genetics


Thanks! I really needed to hear that! Lol

I’ve been fluctuating between “nbd, looks kinda cool!” and “WTF did I do wrong?!?”, lol

So what I’m really stuck on now is figuring out if/when to increase the strength of jacks. A lot of ppl running the High frequency fertigation approach have said that they Max out at around 1800 (autoflowers) but those are liquid nutes like GH or FF. That’s one of the reasons I went with Jacks. It’s pretty mild and forgiving.

Just don’t want my plants to not be able to be as happy as possible! But I know trying to correct overfeeding is much more of a pain in the arse than underfeeding.


Thank you!

As a matter of fact, I have a question I thought you would be able to help me with:
I followed your advice re: RO water. Been doing the whole supermarket fill station thing. But I ordered a catalytic carbon filter and I’m wondering if I would be making a mistake to switch mid-grow, or if I should finish this run using RO and switch next time.

And I’m also really interested in getting your feedback re: my nutrients. What am I looking for from my plants? What would say: “I need more! Up those nutes!!!” I need to learn to speak “plant” a little better

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Im a firm believer in less is more. Autos are finicky about nutes, thats why you start with low doses and work your way up. Youll know when you overload when the tips start painting their nails (the tips of the leaves burn) thats when you know to back off just a tad.

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Those are not pre flowers…here’s a good example of pre flowers. Seems like you went pretty complicated on your first grow? Plants that size don’t need any nutes whatsoever imho, that soil should provide them with whatever they need for a few weeks.


I’m not in soil. And no, didnt really go “complicated” in my first grow.

If you went coco and fertigation out of the gate then you went complicated. Best of luck, your plants leaves are fine btw.

Matter of opinion, I guess.

Yea maybe you’re right…

You’ll see lots of strange leaf manifestations, cannabis can do some pretty strange stuff…

Im a groundskeeper in my normal daily life, so I admit to having a real love/hate relationship with soil, lol.

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So I have some leaf clawing. Curious what everyone’s input is…?

Here’s my first suspicion: PH too high. I have a shitty PH pen, it’s pretty obviously off, so I’ve been using the drops for 3 days, worried I might have been ph’ing too high and my plant is pissed. Got a new Apera that is supposed to arrive tomorrow.

Im currently feeding Jacks at 1050 EC,
I went up to 1350 at one point but my run-off went way up to 2000 plus. I be been steadily dropping since then and the runoff EC has still been around 400 over input, so I keep dropping 50 a day. I’m finally at around 200 over input so I’m staying put for now.
High frequency fertigation @ 3x a day, btw.


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Man, I’m really not sure with the high fertigation method. I’m not really seeing any spots, or burnt tips, but some strange clawing. The pH drops and strips really aren’t all that reliable. Without knowing the actual reading it’s tough to say.


I agree :100: with @Borderryan22 whose name I’ve seen for over a year, but I just realized that it’s basically border Ryan… I’ve had some exotic pronouciation for it in my mind

Yeah, I’m kinda stumped until the new pen arrives. I ordered one last week and it wouldn’t calibrate. Apera was cool about replacing it immediately, but I’ve still been stuck w/o an accurate meter for a minimum of a week now. The stupid drops really suck for 5.5-6.5.

There’s a few brown spots but I’ve chalked them up to nute splash. I know leaf curling can be a sign of underfeeding, but my runoff wouldn’t be so high if that were the case. But if the plants aren’t able to take up certain nutes because of too high PH, wouldn’t there be a higher salt concentration left in the substrate? Could that account for part of the 400 pt EC increase in runoff?

I hardly measure pH anymore. I know for a fact, that with 4ml of silica per gallon, then adding Jack’s at 4g part A and 2g part B my pH will hit 5.9. That’s what I feed at.

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I’m really kicking myself for not measuring exactly how much ph down I was using after mixing and PH’ing.

I use 1/4 tsp/gal of armor si and been mixing jacks at 1/2 strength. Using the fill at the store RO filtered water.

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Do you skip the Epsom salts?

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