Platform 9 4/20

Hey guys hope you don’t mind the tag hoping you’ll follow along and watch if you don’t care to my worries no offense taken. I’m gonna have plenty of questions haha. @Nicky @Hellraiser @Calizona @CygnusX1 @Covertgrower @Mr_Wormwood @imSICKkid @dbrn32 . If ya now anyone else that might be interested tag em.

so quick run down on what I’m working with. Then I’ll have a few questions for ya. So I’m growing the following strains. 1 jack herer(Seedsman ?) , 1 blue dream(nirvana seeds) , 1 Runtz muffin ( Barney farm) , 1 wedding cake ( garden of green)
The jack is about a week old… dropped the others yesterday.

4x4 ac infinity tent
2 hlg 350r lights
Ac infinity t6
Growing in coco/perlite. Which I hydrated and buffed following the instructions from coco for cannabis.
Jacks nutrients


Looking good so far, I’ll be lurking. Happy growing!


So with the jack herer i fed the other day and it was 5.9 ph and 995ppm till run off and I check that and the ph was fine but the ppm was around 1100. So didn’t need water yesterday but I did this AM. So I use my tap water which I dechlorinate and after that it’s alway at like 75ppm and 7.4 ph. So for this morning I did i teaspoon of DE and 1ml of calimag which made ppm like 175 and ph’d to 6 fed to runoff and ph again fine but ppm out still 1100. So my question I guess is should I be worried the ppm out is high or is that normal range ? Should I water differently? Let me know your thoughts. Thanks guys! This should be fun!

Also wanted to add my current lighting numbers below. Currently on 24hr but was thinking I may switch to 18/6 this evening.

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I’m following and no need for apologies, I love getting tagged
Makes me feel :heart:


Looks like you have the right setup! Following along for the ride. As far as all your ppm numbers, they can get out of whack fast in coco. I found it very important to water everyday no matter what. I’m now feeding every time, every day. I felt that when I swayed at all in what I gave them, the ppm numbers would skyrocket. I had some in the 3000s at one point.

Whoaaa, that’s a lot of light :joy::rofl::joy::rofl:

:sweat_smile::man_facepalming:t3:yeah I think one would’ve done it but my dumbass got two before coming to that conclusion

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I’m in for the ride. Good luck!


Great gear and off to a nice start!

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I will follow along for now, but I often purge my follows to keep from having 100+ notifications every time I log in. Appreciate mot taking offense as nothing personal, just want to make sure we can get to people that need help when it’s busy.

I wouldn’t worry too much about runoff in coco unless you are trying troubleshoot an issue.


Looking good so far. :+1:

Good mix of seeds, that will be a nice harvest.

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Thanks! Here’s the jack I transplanted it last night. Had some decent roots they were starting to come out the bottom of the cup so figured it was time. Seems like it’s a little yellowish to me so hoping maybe it just wanted more room :man_shrugging:t3: or do you have any other ideas why ? Or does it look fine and I’m just stressing over nothing :sweat_smile:


Are you feeding Jack’s full strength?

Hard to read leafs accurately with grow lights on.

If you are feeding full strength jacks then that’s enough nutrients, so it’s either lighting or the plant is having a genetics issue.
Grow it out and see what happens, I had a plant go yellow even though nothing else did and it was just a bad seed, weak genetics, rare but it happens.
Plant looks fairly healthy though


@Nicky Here’s natural light, but I was feeding around 500-600 ppm , but last night I watered with full strength jacks and some fishsh!t.


Stick with the full strength and fishshit, great mix.


Will do! Thanks!


Ok so just a little update. The Jack seems to be doing good but still seems pale or yellowish. The others seem to be doing the same thing… not sure if I’m pushing too much light that might be it I had the Jack around 22dli and the baby’s were like 15 maybe. Backed it down a little to 18 to see. :man_shrugging:t3: Other thoughts are is my watering of course but I feel like I’m doing ok trying not to overwater just when it’s starts to dry out . Feeding full strength jacks and 3ml fish poo every other day 900ppm ph to 5.9. How is the node spacing too? Seems kinda short which is another reason I was thinking too much light. Any thoughts @Nicky @Hellraiser


Perfect node spacing for the way I like to grow.

I would suggest a FIM in a couple days.

Toss the post a like if you decide to fim, please

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