3rd Grow started marxg 31st indoors. Autos'

Whats up guys. Im on my 3rd grow. Indoor. Im on week 2 1/2 vegging ny autos. I accidentally snapped the stem off completely

As you can see in the pics.
What can I do. I DUCT TAPED IT about a minute or 2 afrer. Should I leave the duct tape alone or should I just leave the plant thats planted still and see if she grows new top like topping? And throw away the broken piece? Need advice asap please

Put a little aloe or honey on the bare part. it will heal faster. You could try to put her back together. not duck tape. try electrical tape or plumber tape that stretch

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You could try and make the broken top a clone. Then you’d have 2.


@Fieldofdreams @beachglas
Thanks for the advice. By the time I got to the top part it was pretty bad. I tried to clone her, well still trying lol. But… the bottom half is doing well. The 2 lower shoots look like they will become the main shoots. Crazy. I also noticed no stunt in growth at all

. Looks like she loved it!!