33 days with foop and 650 marshydro

This is my first grow and setup, any feedback would be great! started oct 5th from seed. seeds planted in 7 gallon pot and busted out in 2 days. bruce banner didnt bust and planted a new one. he is 1 week behind.

Soil: Fox farm happy frog and ocean forest. 7 Gallon pots. 2 bags of frog and 1 ocean.
ILGM (Heavy hitters) 2 gorilla glue / 1 bruce banner / 2 girlscoutcookiesextreme
Blue lab ph meter nutrients at 6.3 Foiler spray at 5.8
Nutrients: FOOP! i think is amazing for my 100 percent organic grow
foiler spray: Eco Organics My Weed Minerals Ionic Trace Micro Nutrients
Tent: 4x4 Marshydro
Vent: 6 inch marshydro
Fans: Running 2 small hurricanes on bottom of tent facing away from plants,
water: whole pot watered every 24hours at 6pm / 2 gallons have been watering all 5 (7 gallon pots) not too much comes out bottom!
light cycle: 20 on 4 off at midnite to 4am.

Notes: i had a tiny rust spot action on a gorrilla glue a few weeks back, no more issues. Just started to use monatomic gold for an totally extra terrestrial grow. Monatomic White Powder Gold 1 Ounce Best Alchemical Ormus found on amazon (great for body too!) Seems like the plants are growing a inch or 2 every day!

plants in picture… 33 days old!

Just changed my water schedule to every other day. The gorilla glue in the back 2 have been a little droopy… Slight clawing. Bruce banner in middle is one week behind, and the two girl scout cookies in from have never showed any sign of droop or claw.

I really love foop. Just started bloom nutes. What y’all think?


Looking good, just curious do you have your pots elevated off floor. If not it’s best to have something under pots to allow air flow to roots. :+1:


Bosmere, Terra-cotta S10430 Down Under Plant Stand, 12" https://www.amazon.com/dp/B000OZROLO/ref=cm_sw_r_apan_glt_fabc_77JV9MNZM9VMYCEF4FV1?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1

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Plants do look healthy and happy. 7 gallon is large for autos - but it is only soil. Are you thinking of doing anything with the main / apical stem. You can see they are naturally outgrowing the rest of the plant. By the end of stretch it might be 12". The lower buds will pay dearly for being that far from the light.
Being organic (I am not familiar with any of the stuff you are using) my guess is you are not concerned with runoff numbers or monitoring soil ph. That much extra soil will give you a big buffer. Looks good and good luck the rest of the way.

Really appreciate … my lifes never fealt so complete until I met this community!


You have a really nice set up. I grow is as small a pot as I can because I am always lifting them out of the tent to maintain and train them. Or, I use scrog frames on wheels.

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I recently came across those while cruising around Amazon. If I ever need more risers, I’ll probably be getting those :+1:

Hmm… this is my first grow… You want to drop some knowledge on what to do or train the top cola ? You would just stress train it side ways?

The younger one not as far along in flower is the easiest. I say that because once in flower the less amount of stress applied is better.
At this point the main thing that can be done is bending the main stem to the side. If at all possible you want the tip of the stem the same height or preferably slightly below the height of the second tier flower sites. If the main stem is lower than the others, this causes the growth hormones to be redirected away from the apical stem.
The ones further along in flower I would also bend but just not as aggressively. If it is still flexible and can be bent to 90 degrees then try that. If you risk snapping or what is called supercropping then give it a gentle bend enough to reduce its height a couple of inches.
In both cases you will need to secure the stems down. I usually attach it to the lip of the pot with plant ties,
Certainly google search low stress training. I like the stuff grow weed easy puts out. I also like Bill Ward’s training videos. The ones I have seen are straight forward with no gimmicks. He has recently done more stuff with autos. Personally I have moved away from autos. not nearly as much fun as photos.

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My theory was that with the power of my new series Mars hydro 650 and my 4 by 5 space…that all tier flowers will freak out and grow higher… So far too cola only like 6 inch diff

It will depend a lot on how the tallest buds react to the light. If they can take it then you might be right. There is PPFD drop off as height increases and as you get further away from the center of the light.

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Healthy looking plants good work keep it up :+1:

Question on the foop, do you use this rate from seed to harvest just curious to how you calculate using only small amount of water when they are small? On the feeding chart everything is based on 1 gallon also how much would I need to buy if I use in veg and flower watering every other day want to make sure I don’t run out early I’m going to give it a go this time

I would pick up a gallon pack and a bloom pack. Around 300 bucks. I go full on veg and double on bloom. I start the veg as suggest and work my way up to full dose per gallon. If you don’t use all the gallon, save it for next water session.

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