32 hours of lights on

wanting to switch to 12/12 today or soon
currently lights are off from 2-8 pm
wanting to have lights on at night to help with heat ( outdoor shed ) so was thinking lights on from 4 pm to 4 am but that would mean 32 hours of light
how bad would it be if the girls went 32 hours straight with lights on?
their 9 weeks now and fill about half my space

Just switch them when you want without overthinking it. Once instance of a few extra hours of light or darkness isn’t going to make a difference.;


ok thanks, their doing so good i didn’t want to confuse them with 32 hours light

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You won’t. Photoperiod plants trigger flowering when sufficient uninterrupted dark hours per day is reached. Until that point, extra light hours won’t hurt anything but your electricity bill. :smile_cat: