Changing light scheduled

I am in week 2 of 12/12. Is there a way to safely change from 7am on - 7pm off to 7pm on to 7am off without screwing up the plants?

I’ve read several things about where people have lost electricity, and just go back about the regular schedule. So I would think just switching and sticking to it from there out wouldn’t be to much of a problem.

I’m just a novice, but I would let it go off at 7 pm then darkness for 24 hours then start the 12/12 back.
I’ve seen it said its not the 12 hours of light that makes them flower :cherry_blossom: it’s the 12 hours of darkness. So I would prefer too much darkness vs too much light in flower. But wait for a pro to confirm


Would it be better to stay dark for 24 hrs then light back on or stay light for 24 hrs then light off?

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Let lights shut off at 7:00PM then leave it off for 24 hrs. 7:00PM the next night start the 12 hr on 12 hr off schedule.


I agree. 24 hours dark than start your new schedule

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