2nd grow started before 1st grow is done

So, I bought my first seeds from NOT ILGM. My bad. Took almost 4 days in water before tails showing. Turned out bought Auto Reg instead of Fem. My bad again. 30% of HK and WR were males. Didn’t get them out before one started popping pollen. Got lucky as no one appears to have gotten pollinated. My GDP were going gang busters first three weeks then just kinda stopped. Everyone else passed and are making a lot! of bud sights. Switched lighting from 17/7 to 12/12 at 25 days and the GDP started taking off again and 2 of six have finally shown themselves to be female. Have 6 Sunnegrow 2000w LED’s (386w actual each). Started with just grow and had them about 12" until first true leaves showed. Then worked up to between 24-30" as time went by. Based distance on when the top leaves started looking yellow, then raise up some. Once they started showing sex turned on grow/bloom together.
5 weeks in and so far so good. Have been doing LST on about half to see if it helps. It kinda seems like it is.
2ND GROW… Had some room to start some CM CBD that I got from ILGM! 4 had tails in 24 hrs and 2 had long tails at 48 hrs. All got put in Jiffies minus the mesh wrap and put in 1.5g pots. First four are already popping out of the dirt! Lets see how well they perform as they are off to a GREAT start!


Any pics? I’ve just been given a few clones off a friend which are only 6day old cuttings but are way bigger than my current auto seedlings.